Application architecture is increasingly migrating to an event driven model - which are more efficient and have lower operational overhead. In this talk we will cover how to build a fully event driven architecture using AWS Lambda, chaining together multiple functions to build a complex application, which can be easily scaled to millions of users.

Olivier Klein, Emerging Technologies Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services, APAC


Introduction to new features in GitHub Enterprise with the release of GitHub Enterprise 2.9. With an introductory auto-deployment scenario using content already setup in S3 and CodeDeploy. And discuss how more complex scenarios can be built, based on this deployment workflow. Session is suitable for audience with a basic understanding of GitHub, EC2, S3 and CodeDeploy.

Daniel Figucio, Director Solutions Engineering, GitHub, ASEAN & ANZ


Make your solution see, hear and talk, leveraging artificial intelligence services based on deep learning and neural networks. We will discover three new AI tools from AWS - Lex, Polly and Rekognition; integrated with AWS IoT and a physical world device for human interaction and environmental awareness.

Shaun Ray, Head of Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services, ASEAN


Just as we got a hang of monitoring our server-based applications, they take away the server. How do you monitor something that doesn’t exist? What metrics matter most in a serverless world? In this session, we will look at how applications are different in a AWS Lambda-based world and how to monitor them. Join us as we work our way through the stack and demonstrate how to capture the health and performance of your services.

Matt Williams, DevOps Evangelist, Datadog


Engage your users with a natural language conversational interface using voice and text. Create a chat bot to understand your users’ intentions and fulfil their requests. Engage in a conversation to extract key pieces of data from the user. Fulfil the users’ intentions with AWS Lambda functions. Integration examples with Facebook messenger & Slack.

Alex Smith, M&E Specialist Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services, APAC


Discover the importance of Cloud-native application services and reap the benefits of the Cloud with these modern strategies to manage, optimize and secure your digital transformation across diverse cloud environments.

Kamal Anand, Vice President of Cloud Business Unit, A10 Networks


A large proportion of the data we generate is highly structured and hence SQL is often the natural choice for analysing that data.There are many SQL engines to choose from for large scale analytics and in this session we will compare some of of the options including Amazon Redshift, Amazon Athena, Presto, Spark SQL and Apache Hive.

Russell Nash, Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services, ASEAN