In this session, we will discuss how to move past the IaaS model into the land of services like migration capabilities and serverless computing. We will discuss some of the pitfalls and best practices of this new frontier and how customers are making these work for their businesses.

Daniel Angelucci, Chief Technology Officer, DXC Technology, AMEA


Find out how Microsoft solutions can leverage various AWS services to achieve more resiliency, replace unnecessary complexity, simplify architecture, provide scalability, and introduce DevOps concepts, automation and repeatability. 

Paul Chen, Head of Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services, ASEAN


Orchestration and automation principles need to be applied to enable smooth, efficient deployment of workloads to the cloud. Containers, through the use of Red Hat Openshift Container Platform, also help define that target infrastructure to enable true application elasticity. During this session, these tools will be discussed with the aim of simplifying hybrid deployments across the private datacenter and the public cloud. Ansible by Red Hat is the simplest way to automate IT.

Sivaram Shunmugam, Chief Technologist, ASEAN - Red Hat Asia Pacific, Pte. Ltd.


AWS provides many services to assist customers with their journey to the cloud. Hybrid solutions offer customers a way to continue leveraging existing investments on-premises, while expanding their footprint into the public cloud. This session covers the different technologies available to support hybrid architectures on AWS. We discuss common patterns and anti-patterns for solving enterprise workloads across a hybrid environment.

Derek Ewell, Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services, ASEAN


Kellogg’s successfully migrated to the AWS cloud with the support of SNP Transformation Backbone. SNP Transformation Backbone actively supports every single step of the transformation. It enables you to master the entire transformation logistics – from continuous analysis of your corporate data and processes to careful planning and rapid implementation. SNP Transformation Backbone is the only software-based solution that addresses both business and IT driven transformations.

Steve Allen, Managing Director, SNP Applications Asia

Amit Shah, Program Manager at Kellogg Asia Pacific


Learn how AWS is helping customers embrace bring your own devices (BYOD), activity based working scenarios and deal with global expansion. We’re simplifying and improving productivity to help businesses and employees get the most out of their day.

David Manu, Enterprise Sales Representative, Amazon Web Services


Eric M. Hui, Director, Business Development – Emerging Ecosystems, Equinix


This session provides an overview of how organizations can migrate workloads to the AWS cloud at scale. We will go through available migration frameworks and best practices with common use case examples during this session.

Vijay Rangarajan, Senior Cloud Architect, AWS Professional Services, ASEAN