AWS Public Sector Summit Bahrain

Building seamless, consistent security policies across on-premises and cloud IT environments can be challenging without comprehensive workload visibility. Palo Alto Networks provides organizations with the visibility and automation needed to create and update security policies in your cloud environment in real-time. Learn how you can gain greater control over your applications, automatically create consistent and uniform security policies, and prevent known and unknown threats within application flows.

In this talk, we will be discussing how teams should be looking at continuous and adaptive security, how DevOps is changing the way teams look at security, show examples on how you can get started in the DevSecOps journey and practical demos on what your teams can do when evolving your security.

What does connectivity look like? It’s the first question many organizations ask at the beginning of their cloud journey. Most require reliable, highly secure connectivity between their existing on-premises data center and the AWS Cloud. In this session, we’ll walk through various architecture for establishing efficient connectivity with AWS Direct Connect and VPN, evaluating the value, risk performance and cost of each option along the way. We’ll answer common questions that arise from enterprises that tackle design and application. By the end, you’ll leave equipped with a better understanding of which connectivity decisions are suitable for your workloads and best practices of implementation.

AWS provides on-demand computing solutions and services in the cloud with pay-as-you-go pricing. In this session, we will start with a discussion on the core services of infrastructure, compute, network, and storage components before moving to the higher-level managed services that allow you to focus on your core business and leave the heavy lifting to AWS. In addition, we will examine the basic building blocks of AWS security to operate securely in the AWS Cloud.

In this session, we join the Bahrain Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) and Mumtalakat as they share their journeys of migration and transformation. While their missions are different, they share common goals: to move faster, reduce costs, increase security, and create a culture where builders can innovate for their customers. We'll also focus on what we've learned from helping a multitude of similar public sector organizations migrate their legacy footprints to AWS and transform their platforms to better achieve their missions.

As public sector organizations migrate to the cloud, they are able to run their applications in a more agile and reliable manner than ever before. Many customers have a sizeable deployment of Microsoft workloads that they are migrating to the cloud. In this session, we provide technical guidance on running common Microsoft workloads, such as Active Directory, SQL Server, SharePoint, and Windows desktop infrastructure on AWS.

With the recent launch of VMware Cloud on AWS, many VMware admins are exploring AWS in depth for the first time. This session will help familiarize VMware admins with AWS concepts by relating it to familiar VMware constructs. We will cover the basics of Amazon EC2 and how it relates to VMware virtualization. We'll then explore basic AWS storage and networking services, and some best practices for each. We will also touch on native AWS services that can be used in conjunction with VMware infrastructures on-premises or in VMware Cloud on AWS.

When migrating applications to the AWS Cloud, it’s important to architect cloud environments that are efficient, secure, and compliant. In this session, we explore ways to cost-effectively reinvent disaster recovery so it can extend to applications and workloads. Also explore how to convert and migrate your commercial databases to the cloud and gain your database freedom. We present customer use cases and review the different ways our data migration services can be used to cut IT expenditures and management time on hardware and backup solutions.

With the rapid growth of Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Machine Learning (ML), organizations have the opportunity to reimagine solutions for smart infrastructure, Industry 4.0, and citizen- facing applications. IoT and ML can be used to improve processes, reduce costs, and improve safety. But managing device connectivity, integrating with operational technologies, and keeping data and devices secure are significant challenges. Join us as we explore AWS services for IoT and ML through the lens of real-world examples.

Is the cloud as secure as my on-premises infrastructure? When I put data in the cloud do I lose ownership of it? In this session we will cover the most common cloud security questions that we hear from customers. We provide detailed answers for each question distilled from our practical experience working with organizations around the world. This session is for everyone curious about the cloud, cautious about the cloud, or excited about the cloud.

AWS Training and Certification helps you build cloud skills to help streamline your transition to the AWS Cloud. Trained organizations are 80% faster to adopt cloud, 4.7x more likely to agree cloud can improve IT staff productivity, 3.8x more likely to meet return-on-investment targets, and 4.4x more likely to overcome operational/performance concerns. Join us to learn how to get the most out of your cloud investment.

Cloud adoption involves growing an organization's technology, processes, and people. Hear from the AWS Professional Services team on assessments, training, and frameworks that are available as foundations for developing your staff. In the talk, Mumtalakat will share how they built on these elements to move past organizational silos, expand existing skill sets and experience, and spread enthusiasm for their migration initiative. We will explain how to incorporate peer-to-peer sharing sessions, certification preparation, customer proofs of concept, and other elements to accelerate your cloud initiatives.

Public sector customers and partners are working together to enable entrepreneurs with the technology and resources they need to be successful. Small businesses and startups are creating the most jobs globally; they are leading the way for new product and technology innovation; and they reflect the diversity of people, talent, and potential across the communities that they serve. This session will explore how stakeholders across government, universities, investors, and corporations are working together at the local, national, and international levels to drive economic growth through entrepreneurship. We will look at effective partnerships and programs and what is needed to further scale these efforts.

Establishing your governance strategy is fundamental for a successful cloud migration. That’s according to some of the world’s largest financial and insurance institutions that are using AWS today. With thoughtful governance, you can take advantage of every tool in the toolbox – from encryption, to machine learning – as long as they comply with the rules you put in place. In this session, you will discover the steps needed to bring your workloads to AWS securely, and in accordance with the compliance environment in which you operate.

A cloud transformation program that involves the migration of hundreds or even thousands of servers can present a significant challenge to program management, and extra coordination on the part of supporting IT teams. This session outlines AWS’s highly repeatable and scalable framework and method that is helping customers get ready for and accelerate execution of their all-in migration or operational readiness for new production workloads on AWS.


The Summit Agenda is available for download.