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  • June 6

    11.30 - 12.00

    AI @ AWS: How AI is transforming business models

    Cyrus Vahid, AWS

    12.00 - 12.30

    Churn and Conversion Prediction as a Service

    Marc Müller, goedle.io

    Goedle.io is a predictive analytics service that helps to increase retention and to improve monetization in mobile and web-based businesses. Their platform offers predictions about future user behavior and automatically segments user data into valuable micro-segments. The resulting insights are then used in different ways to personalize the user experience. By doing so, the company follows its vision to support marketers create an individual user experience based on machine learning and AI augmented marketing.

    12.30 - 13.00

    Highly scalable and performant Web and Mobile Tracking with Cloudfront, Lambda, Pinpoint, Firehose and Redshift

    Sebastian Schleicher, Blinkist

    Scaling event tracking can be a challenge. But with a smart combination of AWS' services, this can be achieved with little effort and costs. This talk shows how Blinkist moved Web and Mobile Analytics in-house with a globally distributed and fully managed solution for little cost thanks to AWS.

    13.00 - 13.30

    CANCELLED - Prometheus, mama said knock limits out

    Phil Schneider, Delivery Hero

    When things go wrong, don't go with them! Delivery Hero were successfully using Prometheus for several months, but they're growing faster than expected and this "out of the box" solution is showing some cracks! This talk takes an operations perspective, exploring how to get centralised with Prometheus and Grafana as a monitoring platform for multiple AWS accounts. Delivery Hero will also take a short look at how this differs from other monitoring concepts.

    13.30 - 14.00

    Advanced Monitoring with CloudWatch (ElasticSearch, API GW, SNS, Lambda)

    Ognen Mitev, Global Savings Group

    Replacing New Relic and Pingdom with a custom solution, everything based on AWS. Global Savings Group came to the point where they realized that they do not need third party solutions for building the monitoring and the alerting system that they wanted to have. Why spend money for something that you can already build by the team of engineers on the platform where you have everything. They just thought of connecting all the parts together in order to create what they have. It's not a rocket science, but it's very functional and we can spot the failures way upfront.

    14.00 - 14.30

    Sailing into Infinity: Seamlessly managed serverless containers using Kubernetes and AWS Fargate

    Johannes Wurbach & Anthony Stanton, Contentful

    How two developers at Contentful experimenting with serverless containers accidentally contributed to the official Kubernetes AWS Fargate connector shortly released after. What they learned while working with AWS Fargate and the virtual-kubelet and what they think the tech has to offer.

    14.30 - 15.00

    Cron Jobs in Wonderland

    Paul Seiffert & Dennis Benkert, Jimdo

    When building a large-scale web platform like Jimdo, you can’t really get around running a couple of cron jobs. The way they execute and monitor them has been an ever changing topic for them and they iterated over their tooling a couple of times during the last years. In this talk, Jimdo is going to show you their latest solution that is based on AWS ECS, CloudWatch, and our existing PaaS called Wonderland.

    15.00 - 15.30

    Long Running Serverless Apps

    Marcos Rebelo & Abdullah Odibat, Home24

    Home24 has a number of applications that take longer than 5 minutes to run and are not easily breakable in smaller steps. Lambda Functions aren't suitable for such tasks; so instead they use Batch Service as an alternative low-cost Serverless Service. In this presentation Home24 demonstrates how they copy data to Redshift, upload big files for external integrations, build our Recommendation calculations, run Vacuum/Analyze for Redshift Clusters - all with an auto-scaled Cluster.

    15.30 - 16.00

    Managing GraphQL servers with AWS Fargate & Prisma Cloud

    Nikolas Burk, Prisma

    GraphQL is becoming the new standard for building APIs, replacing legacy technologies like REST and SOAP. This talk focusses on building GraphQL APIs with Prisma and deploying them to Docker containers running on AWS Fargate. Thanks to the flexibility of Prisma Cloud, it is possible to connect to the Docker containers on Fargate and manage them through a coherent and user-friendly UI for seamless development workflows.

    16.00 - 16.30

    Event Sourcing and Microservices – a song of ice and fire?

    Sebastian Böttner, Elinvar

    The combination of event sourcing and microservices is – due to their elementary differences – very unusual. Nonetheless, or maybe precisely because of this contradiction, combining these two methodologies can result in an extremely powerful technological approach. Learn about the benefits and challenges of this approach, where and how is it best implemented - leveraging Amazon RDS, Amazon EC2, Amazon EBS - and its performance in a regulated environment.

    16.30 - 17.00

    Using Trufa machine intelligence to proactively answer the right business questions

    Thomas Gräbel, Trufa

    Leveraging data efficiently is a competitive advantage nowadays. The problem: there are hundreds of business questions to be answered by data, each taking significant time to work on. Where to start? And are the questions really adding value asked at all? How to operationalize the outcomes? Those questions sound familiar? Drop by this session and find out how automation and machine intelligence can help to quickly overcome the challenges. Trufa offers a SaaS solution in the AWS cloud, which autonomously finds insights in the business data and provides them both visually for the user and per API for integration. Thereby the whole stack is automated: from data collection and interpretation from one or more SAP ERP systems, over finding those “right” questions to focus upon up to answering them.

  • June 7

    11.30 - 12.30

    Panel Discussion: Your Startup Journey - From Idea to Expansion

    Michael Brehm, CEO i2x.ai; Frank Freund Co-founder & CFO Raisin and Maria Chatzou, Co-founder & CEO Lifebit

    Entrepreneurs talk to entrepreneurs

    We have invited three successful founders to talk about their startup journey from idea generation to securing funding and all the way to international expansion. Michael Brehm (Founder & CEO i2x.ai; Partner redstone.vc), Frank Freund (Co-founder & CFO Raisin) and Maria Chatzou (Co-founder & CEO Lifebit) will speak about handling complexity, making the most out of data and how to scale.

    12.30 - 13.15

    The Scale-up Perspective: your Go-To-Market Journey with AWS

    Eric Morales, AWS & AX Semantics

    AWS helps startups build, grow and scale. Learn how our go to market programs like Activate and Marketplace help your startup to reach new audiences and grow your footprint.

    13.15 - 14.00

    The Funding Perspective: What do VC's want?

    Gabriel Matuschka (Fly Ventures) and Jasper Masemann (Holtzbrinck Ventures)

    The Venture Capital landscape in Germany has changed drastically over the past few years with a high influx of additional money, many new funds and strong participation of international funds in the German startup ecosystem. Together with Jasper Masemann from Holtzbrinck Ventures and Gabriel Matuschka from Fly Ventures we will talk about, what this means for how VCs operate today and other relevant topics for founders and others interested in how VCs work.

    14.00 - 14.30

    Growing from 5 to 100 people in 24 months - learnings on hiring and organization design

    Hanno Renner, Personio

    Founded in 2015, Personio offers a holistic HR management and recruiting SaaS-solution for small and medium-sized companies. After having bootstrapped the company for the first 1,5 years Personio raised $14M in venture capital and has grown its business to over 700 customers. At the same time their own headcount grew from 5 to 100 employees, which came with a lot of challenges around hiring and organization design. Hanno Renner, Co-founder & CEO, will share learnings they made and recommendations on how others can benefit from those learnings.

    14.30 - 15.00

    Silicon Valley - To win we have to try anything

    Christopher Obereder

    Christopher Obereder is a serial entrepreneur with a Midas touch. He programmed his first website at the age of 13 and started his first company less than three years later. Now aged just 25, the Munich-born tech prodigy is already something of a household name among celebs and founders in Silicon Valley.

    15.00 - 15.30

    Leveraging AWS to make Factory Software simple on the Edge

    Oliver Stollmann, Actyx

    Actyx is a Munich based Industry 4.0 company, that maximizes production performance through digital solutions for manufacturers. These solutions require ultra-fast and zero-fault-tolerance steering of various IoT devices, which is why Edge computing plays an important role for Actyx and they are using AWS services for achieving this.

    15.30 - 16.00

    Industrial IoT trailblazing - Business Outcomes, Insurance - relayr and AWS together on a path to reshape industry.

    David Petrikat, Relayr

    Join us for real industry 4.0 use cases, delivered business outcomes due to the usage of relayr industrial IOT solutions on AWS and learn how other companies disrupted their industries by changing their business model together with relayr.


    16.00 - 16.30

    A FinTech going serverless

    Andreas Schranzhofer, Scalable Capital

    How many, to optimize tens of thousands of portfolios every day? How many to serve your clients with the best possible user experience on web, mobile and voice(Alexa) 24/7? None. But that wasn‘t always the case. This talk describes our journey from a setup with self managed EBS/EC2 instances (Cloud 1.0) to a complete serverless stack, aka Cloud 2.0).

    16.30 - 17.00

    Ottonova: A digital-only German health insurance

    Andreas Katzig, Ottonova 

    With ottonova, digitalization has reached the health insurance industry. Learn more about the future of insurances.

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