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Presented by Brad Coughlan, Country Manager, ANZ Public Sector, Amazon Web Services


Learn how to leverage the identity and authorisation, network security and secret management features of AWS for their containers. We will also show you how to scan container images for vulnerabilities as part of your CI/CD pipeline.

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When migrating lots of applications to the cloud, it's important to architect cloud environments that are efficient, secure, and compliant. AWS Landing Zones are a prescriptive set of instructions for deploying an AWS-recommended foundation of interrelated AWS accounts, networks, and core services for your initial AWS application environments. This session will review the benefits and best practices.

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The AWS Well-Architected Framework enables customers to understand best practices around security, reliability, performance, and cost optimisation when building systems on AWS. This approach helps customers make informed decisions and weigh the pros and cons of application design patterns for the cloud. In this session, you'll learn about the Well-Architected Framework, and the steps you can take to help ensure your solution is Well Architected.

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This session is designed to build on from the information you have learned in an AWS Overview, Technical Essentials, or an Immersion Day. It will arm Technical Decision makers with AWS's best practices, a framework to decide which services to watch, and our top 5 tips for success. We'll focus on the next steps for building out these practices and equip you with resources to empower your future projects.

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Become empowered to make the AWS machine learning tools an integral of your toolkit for turning data into intelligence. We will cover the pre-trained models available via AWS APIs as well as the new capabilities delivered by Amazon SageMaker. Learn how Amazon SageMaker empowers those of all experience levels to accelerate machine learning in your organisation.

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Geoscience Australia monitors, analyses and reports on significant earthquakes, using this data to inform activities in Australia’s earthquake hazard program and tsunami warnings issued by the Joint Australian Tsunami Warning Centre. Their website, Earthquakes@GA can be used to find information on recent earthquakes, search the earthquake catalogue, submit a report about an earthquake, and subscribe to notifications about earthquakes on Geoscience Australia's radar. Earthquakes@GA recently moved to the AWS cloud to manage the large spikes in demand that the website experiences after an earthquake. In this session, join Bill Farmakis from Geoscience Australia as he breaks down their move to the cloud and how systems were operationalized in AWS.

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Learn how AWS cloud services can be combined with process and culture changes to enable advances in innovative thinking. We'll look at how Amazon uses AWS to unlock the potential in their teams and share some of the tips, tricks and techniques that help leverage cloud technology to its maximum advantage.

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See how Public Sector organisations and AWS Partners are leveraging Smart Devices and Artificial Intelligence to create flexible, secure and cost-effective solutions. By integrating learning models to live video/audio, cameras can be transformed into flexible IoT devices that perform critical functions around public safety, security, property management, smart parking & environmental management. Observe how to architect these solutions using AWS services such as AWS IoT Core, AWS GreenGrass, AWS DeepLens, Amazon SageMaker and Amazon Alexa.

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In this session you will hear from Emergency Management Victoria’s (EMV) Chief Architect, Michael Jenkins, about EMV’s journey to building a mission critical, multi-agency emergency management system on the AWS Serverless platform.

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Introducing AWS Glue, a fully managed extract, transform, and load (ETL) service that makes it easy for customers to prepare and load their data for analytics. In this session, we will introduce key ETL features of AWS Glue and cover common use cases ranging from scheduled nightly data warehouse loads to near real-time, event-driven ETL flows for your data lake. Join us as we walk through the process of building scalable, efficient, and serverless ETL pipelines.

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