This platform features on-demand broadcasts of the AWS Public Sector Summit Canberra’s most inspiring and informative content. Each session aims to help you design a well-planned cloud computing strategy, and transform your business through the AWS Cloud. We hope you’ll join us live next time at a Summit happening near you. Read the Summit recap blog and continue to stay up-to-date with the latest cloud news for the public sector. 


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Get a look under the hood: Learn tuning best practices for taking advantage of Amazon Redshift's columnar technology and parallel processing capabilities to improve your delivery of queries and improve overall database performance. This session explains how to migrate from existing data warehouses, create an optimized schema, efficiently load data, use workload management, tune your queries, and use Amazon Redshift's interleaved sorting features. You’ll then hear from a customer who has leveraged Redshift in their industry and how they have adopted many of the best practices.

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Geospatial workloads are often among the first to move to AWS in government. This session explores common topics in graphic information systems (GIS), including optimizing for license costs, leveraging native cloud capabilities, and running GIS “desktop" software on AWS cloud.

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AWS Organizations is a new service that provides more control around how to manage your AWS accounts. Examine how AWS Organizations enhances your account management by programmatically creating and managing your AWS accounts, and by applying organisational controls with familiar policies to meet your business needs. We'll also cover best practices and troubleshooting tips to get you started.

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On the cloud, security is priority number one. In this session, you will learn the “best of the best” practices for operating securely at scale on AWS, taken from real customer examples. We introduce the AWS Security Best Practices whitepaper and covers a range of security recommendations for Identity and Access Management, Logging and Monitoring, Infrastructure Security, and Data Protection. We’ll incorporate practical examples found in the Center for Internet Security’s CIS AWS Foundation and CIS AWS Three-Tier Web Architecture benchmarks. Come learn how to "Just Turn It On!"

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Did you know that AWS enables builders to architect solutions based on their price tolerance? Beyond the typical challenges of function, performance, and scale, you can make your application cost effective. This session uses practical examples aimed at architects and developers. Using code and AWS CloudFormation in concert with services such as Amazon EC2, Amazon ECS, Lambda, Amazon RDS, Amazon SQS, Amazon SNS, Amazon S3 and more, we demonstrate the financial advantages of different architectural decisions. Attendees will walk away with concrete examples, as well as a new perspective on how they can build systems economically and effectively.

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Terraform by Hashicorp, an APN Technology Partner and AWS DevOps Competency Partner, is an open source tool that enables users to create, update, and version their AWS production infrastructure. It arms operators with the ability to write infrastructure as code and reproduce configuration files to share among teams and reproduce in multiple locations. Geoscience Australia uses science and technology with tools such as Terraform on AWS to understand the geology and geography of Australia, focusing on securing Australia’s resources, building Earth Observation infrastructure, and analyzing geoscientific data. Join us for an inside look at how Geoscience Australia is taking advantage of this and other innovations – including Packer and CI/CD – to drive change, improve developer experience, and deliver value to users.

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Experience how live, virtual 3D worlds rendered with Amazon Lumberyard – a free, cross-platform, 3D game engine – interconnect with IoT devices in the real world. This session illustrates how AWS IoT can be used to remotely control inanimate objects with Bluetooth, namely Sphero robots. By using AWS Lambda and AWS IoT, we will create bi-directional communication between moving robots that detect collisions in a virtual world created through Amazon's game engine. Discover how voice commands control physical and virtual robots using AWS IoT through Alexa Skills Kit and the Amazon Echo.

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IoT is powerful and pervasive. From public services to private businesses, from innovation to research and development, IoT plays a revolutionizing role. This session focuses on the business and strategic implications of leveraging IoT, and provides starting points in the AWS Cloud to accelerate your time to value. Learn how to build IoT solutions with AWS Greengrass to connect different types of cloud devices and reap the benefits of communicating your data across platforms to better respond to events, ensure secure communication, and reduce the cost of running IoT applications.

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This session will give you practical approaches to efficiently and securely manage your data using AWS, including ready-made HPC tools and services to quickly get started analyzing that data. We will demonstrate using Alces Flight to interact with and process aerial imagery data to build geographic data sets. We’ll also point to the future of new serverless architectures like AWS Lambda to compute at massive scale.

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This session showcases how genomic research has leapfrogged to the forefront of big data and cloud solutions. We outline how to deal with “big” (many samples) and “wide” (many features per sample) data on Apache Spark, how to keep runtime constant by using automatically scalable micro services (i.e., AWS Lambda), and how AWS technology has powered research use cases at CSIRO.

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