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High stakes assessments are a physical, logistical, and technical challenge, but the payoffs for a successful implementation are large. Learn how AWS helps Monash University scale from ad-hoc assessment to large scale end of semester exams, which provides the flexibility to deliver reliable, authenticate assessment at very large scale.


The NCTS service is responsible for managing, developing, and distributing national clinical terminologies and related tools and services to support the digital health requirements of the Australian healthcare community. The Australian Digital Health Agency will discuss how they are using AWS  to support health practitioners, including an exploration of innovation and cost reductions that have been achieved using AWS.


The benefits of cloud for the enterprise are numerous but where and how do you start planning the shift for your most critical applications? Contact Energy, one of New Zealand’s largest companies, has achieved its goal to migrate its business critical applications to AWS by mid-2019, successfully on time and with minimal impact to the business.


AWS Snowball was born to physically migrate petabyte-scale datasets into and out of AWS. Despite this ability to move massive datasets, customers increasingly needed to process data at or near the disconnected edge, often in austere environments. Enter AWS Snowball Edge: Born from the necessity to operate workloads and data processing in ruggedized devices with local cloud capabilities at the edge.


The cloud enables every organisation to have enterprise-grade security. You don't have to have a dedicated cloud security team to have strong security in the cloud, nor does having a high-security bar mean your teams have to slow down. This session will take you through patterns you can  implement today to raise your security posture without needing to hire additional staff or breaking the bank.


There are a lot of reference articles to different parts of the AMI baking problem space, but how do you put it all together into a cohesive frame to deal with compliance? In this 400-level session, walk through a native AWS end-to-end solution for AMI baking. Move from setting up signaling to re-baking an image, grabbing the image, putting it all together, informing others that it’s ready, and ensuring that they update successfully.


Customer service expectations continue to evolve and call centres are about to change before our eyes. By capturing and analysing customer service interactions, you can better identify the root cause of issues and improve first-call resolution and customer satisfaction. In this session, learn how to integrate Amazon Connect, a modern, cloud-based contact centre and AWS machine learning services to quickly process and analyse thousands of customer conversations and gain valuable insights.