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The AWS Summit brings together the cloud computing community to connect, collaborate and learn about AWS. In this action-packed, one-day event, you can choose from 35 breakout sessions covering a broad range of topics and technical depth. Attend introductory sessions on new and existing AWS services or participate in sessions that go deep into architecture and code. All sessions will be delivered by subject matter experts from AWS, Partners or expert customers who can share their real-world experiences and lessons learned.

07:30am – 09:00am Registration and Exhibition Showcase
09:00am – 09:05am Welcome Remarks – Nick Walton, Managing Director of ASEAN, AWS
09:05am – 10:30am

Opening Keynote – Mai-Lan Tomsen Bukovec, Vice President and General Manager Amazon S3, AWS

  • Axel Winter, Group CTO, Central Group
  • Akshay Garg, CEO, FinAccel
  • George Wang, SVP IT, Singapore Airlines
10:30am – 11:15am Refreshment Break and Exhibition Showcase
  • Fast Start with AWS (L100)

    In this track, you will learn why millions of customers are moving to AWS as fast as possible. We will cover the builders culture of AWS that cultivates innovation throughout our services, we will help you build a business case for your own cloud journey, including how to tackle questions about security, and we will explore common first workloads to get you started.

    Who Should Attend:
    Lines of Business Managers, Technology Managers, Business Owners, and Consultants

    11:15am – 11:55am Diamond Sponsor Session
    11:55am – 12:35pm

    Working Backwards from the Customer
    Wen-I  Huang, Innovation Advisory – Professional Services, ASEAN, AWS

    Innovation starts with the working backwards from the customer.  In this session, we will share how this approach plus culture and other mechanisms can enable everyone to be an innovator. Hear about how your company can build an effective system and an environment that will foster and support human creativity and drive technological progress.

    12:35pm – 01:05pm Elements of a Strong Secure Cloud Migration Strategy
    Stan Golubchik, Solution Architect - Global Strategic Alliance, McAfee

    Security is a shared responsibility in the cloud, but the responsibility to quickly migrate while maintaining your security posture is the customer’s responsibility. In this session, McAfee will outline keys areas of challenge, and how McAfee products can help accelerate the transition with safety and visibility. This would include how a solutions approach (including bridging to your on-prem best practices) can provide the needed visibility and control customers expect. This discussion will be guided by McAfee’s own cloud journey, and mapped to best practices that can help position the right technological approach. This session will also include a demonstration of McAfee’s Cloud Workload Security (CWS) capability of providing visibility of all your workloads and protection against advanced threats, our “built for AWS” Virtual Network Security Platform (vNSP) which provides unique network security capability to gain insights on lateral threat movements, and our exciting Web Gateway capabilities which provide insight into Shadow IT. These critical approaches, working together to build a strong foundation to better leverage AWS services. AWS and McAfee, a true “Better Together” story.
    01:05pm – 02:00pm
    Lunch and Exhibition Showcase
    02:00pm – 02:40pm

    Meet the Builders
    AWS Employees across APAC

    AWS is the cloud for builders. Behind the scenes to make it all happen for our customers around the world, is a team of passionate and customer-obsessed innovators, collaborators and creators. Meet the builders at AWS. What powers our team to partner and co-create with you relentlessly? In order to deliver the right results for you, we think big, dive deep and always insist on the highest standards. What drives our builders at AWS?

    02:40pm – 03:10pm How to Reduce Spend and Improve Efficiency in your AWS Environment
    Samir Mehra, Director of Products, CloudHealth Technologies

    AWS provides significant benefits in agility, responsiveness, simplified operations, and improved innovation. But it can also lead to increased costs if you don't manage it proactively. In this session, we will discuss ways to reduce your spend in AWS and optimize your environment, including purchasing Reserved Instances, rightsizing EC2 instances and EBS volumes, and terminating unused infrastructure. We will also share pro-tips and best practices from our in-house and customer cloud experts.
    03:10pm – 03:50pm

    Behind the Scenes with Amazon
    Lillian So, FinTech Account Manager, Singapore, AWS

    When you operate at a planetary scale and serve a globally dispersed user base, traditional choices don’t work. In this session, have a look behind the scenes with Amazon. Hear about how different groups in Amazon use innovation frameworks to build out their businesses and operations.

    03:50pm – 04:20pm Refreshment Break and Exhibition Showcase
    04:20pm – 05:00pm Building a Case for Cloud
    Mavis Chuah, Inside Sales, Malaysia, AWS

    The AWS platform offers unprecedented choice and flexibility for builders. In this session hear real life stories of companies that have transformed with AWS. Additionally, in this session we will share with you ways in which you identify your first workloads on AWS, and the tools that AWS offers to help you get started.
    05:00pm – 05:45pm Closing Keynote – Ian Massingham, Global Head of Technical & Developer Evangelism, AWS
  • Building Tomorrow's Financial Services (L200)

    We are bringing together FSI customers, partners, industry professionals and AWS experts to answer
    "Are the changes we are making today, preparing us for a better tomorrow?"
    We will cover Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for FSI use cases such as fraud detection, next-gen Security & Compliance and offer best practice sharing via a panel discussion with FSI executives.

    Who Should Attend:
    Executives, Functional Heads, Team Leads and IT Professionals (Architects, Developers, Admins) from Banking, Insurance, Financial Services and Fintech organizations.

    11:15am – 11:55am Building DXC's Digital Insurance as a Service (DIaaS) on AWS
    Kevin Aylward, Global Director, AWS Solutions, DXC Technology

    In this session we will cover how DXC and AWS are working together to bring next gen digital insurance solutions to market. Digital Insurance as a Service is DXC's new Digital Insurance Platform – bringing together a broad range of DXC offerings (Cyber, Managed Services for AWS, ServiceNow) in an integrated consumption-based model. DXC DIaaS is API enabled with the ability to participate in the Digital Economy “Out of the Box” with pre-integrated and pre-configured templates. DXC DIaaS's speeds up time to implement, at lower risk. Amazon is a key partner providing the benefits of a broad range of AWS services and regulatory compliance architectures.
    11:55am – 12:35pm

    Building Tomorrow’s Bank with AI/ ML
    Olivier Klein, Head of Emerging Technologies, APAC, AWS

    Machine learning is transforming how we interact with our customers and helps us make faster and better decisions within our business. Intelligent and continuously improving neural networks help to streamline written and spoken customer conversations, help improve customer service centers or ensure compliance within your organization. Deep Learning machine models are trained to automatically detect fraudulent activities or make best next action decisions. Attend this session to learn how machine learning is used in the financial service industry to improve operational excellence, compliance and improve customer experience. Furthermore learn from our customers NAB and Cynopsis Solutions how they drive digital insights, improve customer satisfaction across all digital channels and consolidate their data lakes to drive continuous ML efforts.

    Customer speakers:
    Yuri Misnik, CIO, National Australia Bank
    Chye Kit Chionh, CEO, Cynopsis Solutions

    12:35pm – 01:05pm Advanced AWS Patterns for the Enterprise
    John Painter, Managing Director – Asia, Sourced

    With a transformational platform comes new principals and techniques for managing a modern enterprise application portfolio. Application updates are now measured in hours, not months, and all of this must overlay with the correct security and risk practices that apply to all regulated businesses. Looking across our global portfolio we have picked a number of patterns that seek to solve common, or sometimes very specific challenges that are present in the Enterprise landscape. This will include key patterns across Serverless computing, Continuous Delivery, and Machine Learning.
    This fast-paced technical session will provide an ‘in the trenches’ view of some of the solutions we have built in the last 12 months, backed with live demonstration, and provide actionable designs to take into your organisation. Join us while we present demonstrations, tips, strategies, and cutting edge patterns from Sourced's battle-hardened consultants.

    01:05pm – 02:00pm
    Lunch and Exhibition Showcase
    02:00pm – 02:40pm

    Next Generation Security
    Myles Hosford, Security Solution Architect, APAC, AWS

    In this session we will explore the current financial regulatory landscape and future compliance trends. We will dive deep on to how to leverage AWS services to implement next generation security and compliance at scale. The session will be delivered by Myles Hosford, APAC Security Solution Architect, and James Wilkins, Lead of the Cloud Task Force for the Association of Banks Singapore (ABS).

    Customer speaker:
    James Wilkins, Lead of the Cloud Task Force, Association of Banks Singapore (ABS)

    02:40pm – 03:10pm Gold Sponsor Session
    03:10pm – 03:50pm

    Core FSI workloads on the cloud
    Jon Austin,  Enterprise Solution Architect, ASEAN, AWS

    In this session we will examine how financial institutions have approached the migration of core treasury and banking applications into the cloud, including technical, regulatory and compliance aspects of managing such a project as well as the business benefits.

    Customer speaker:
    Sandra Stonham, MD, Tech & Operations, DBS Bank

    03:50pm – 04:20pm Refreshment Break and Exhibition Showcase
    04:20pm – 05:00pm

    Panel Discussion – Build for Tomorrow – Best Practices from Industry Leaders

    Laurence Thiery, APAC BD Head for FSI, AWS

    Yuri Misnik, CIO, NAtional Australia Bank
    Sandra Stonham, MD, Tech & Operations, DBS Bank
    Stella Clarke, CMO, Murex

    Bhaskar Prabhakara, CEO, WeInvest

    05:00pm – 05:45pm Closing Keynote – Ian Massingham, Global Head of Technical & Developer Evangelism, AWS
  • Move it! Migrating to AWS (L200)

    To realise the full benefits of moving to the cloud, applications and services need to be refactored and re-architected,
    rather than just simply "lift-and-shift". This requires careful planning and execution, and it involves people, processes and technology.
    In this track, you will learn the best practices for migrating databases and enterprise applications such as SAP, and for adopting a DevOps culture to transform IT at scale.

    Who Should Attend:
    IT Decision Makers, Cloud Architects, Enterprise Applications and DevOps Consultants

    11:15am – 11:55am Mass Migration to AWS: Best Practices to Solve Security, Application Interoperability and Cost Concerns
    Giang Tran, Chief Technology Officer, FPT

    There is no doubt about AWS cloud’s benefits of availability, scalability, cost effectiveness, flexible infrastructure and process automation. Despite that, almost every enterprise has concerns about data sensitivity, cloud security, application interoperability as well as time and cost when moving existing applications to Cloud. This session illustrates how to address those challenges in mass migration with a view to improving performance and reducing cost by 70%. Hear about how client’s strict security requirements are met, thousands of non-cloud native applications are protected while the system performance is ensured during the migration process. You will learn the best practices in multiple types of cloud migration in different industries across the globe from the case studies of leading companies in their fields including Consumer Packaged Goods, Telecommunication and Energy.
    11:55am – 12:35pm Secrets to Successful Cloud Migrations
    Parijat Mishra, Associate SA Manager, ASEAN, AWS

    Migrating legacy IT to the cloud can seem like a lot of work. It doesn’t have to be though! In this session, hear from Propertyguru on why and how they migrated their on-premises infrastructure seamlessly to AWS, and are now experiencing increased site stability with significant cost saving. Further, we will share with you a simple framework that can help you migrate your applications at scale. Migration to AWS is the start of a journey that ends with increased business agility and innovation.  Learn how we can stepwise adopt DevOps best practices and transform our IT and business culture to get the most out of your investments in cloud technology.
    12:35pm – 01:05pm

    Automation driven by AI Redefines monitoring in the Cloud
    Rafi Katanasho, CTO & Solutions Sales VP, Dynatrace

    Whether you are migrating on-premises application to the cloud, or building new cloud native application or even a hybrid, a new approach is needed in the cloud. Automation driven by AI is key. In this session we cut through the hype and demonstrate how you can make this a reality in your environment.

    01:05pm – 02:00pm
    Lunch and Exhibition Showcase
    02:00pm – 02:40pm Innovating SAP the Easy Way – Migrate it to AWS
    Derek Ewell, Solutions Architect ASEAN, AWS
    Harpreet Singh, AWS SAP Solutions Architect, AWS

    SAP provides software that many organizations continue to use to manage core workload requirements, with a significant number of these organizations running their SAP workloads on AWS. However, SAP doesn’t need to be operated similarly in the cloud as it is on premise… AWS can still drive innovation, even in operating solutions from companies such as SAP.  

    Join us to see how organizations who have a strong leverage on AWS, carry over their platform knowledge to SAP workloads. They can improve the efficiency of their application teams - from easier migrations, to reducing time spent in operations, and overall improving the flexibility of delivering SAP workloads.
    02:40pm – 03:10pm Gold Sponsor Session
    03:10pm – 03:50pm Managing a Database Migration Project – Best Practices
    Blair Layton, Business Development Manager - Database, APAC, AWS

    The AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) and AWS Schema Conversion Tool (SCT) help lower costs, risks and the duration of your database migration and data replication projects but, how do you use them to maximum effect? This session will discuss some of the best practices that AWS has learned through our own Professional Services engagements and from customers who have shared their experience.
    03:50pm – 04:20pm Refreshment Break and Exhibition Showcase
    04:20pm – 05:00pm

    Migrate & Modernize Legacy Microsoft Applications with Containers
    Sriwantha Attanayak, Partner Solutions Architect, AWS

    There is a large number of legacy enterprise Microsoft applications (HR, Finance, CMS, BPM apps) still running on premises. This session will focus on retiring technical debt and bringing some of those applications into AWS using Windows containers. You will learn why Windows containers are important on AWS, how easy it is to containerize Windows batch & .NET web applications, approaches to maximize server utilization and save money.

    05:00pm – 05:45pm Closing Keynote – Ian Massingham, Global Head of Technical & Developer Evangelism, AWS
  • Customer Insights and Machine Learning (L200-300)

    Join this track to get a deep understanding on the new normal of IT solutions. In the new world you can focus on your business logic by leveraging automated services, without managing any servers. Build event-driven architectures with granular security that scale to millions of users and minimize your spend. Engage your customers with natural language interfaces. And let data steer your decision making in real time.

    Who Should Attend:
    Developers, Product Managers, Data Scientists, Digital Executives

    11:15am – 11:55am Diamond Sponsor Session
    11:55am – 12:35pm

    Get to Know Your Customers - Modern Data Architecture
    Craig Stires, Business Development Manager - Big Data & Analytics, APAC, AWS

    Your customers probably want a better experience with your brand. Your different business teams want and need better insights in their decision making. Almost certainly, your finance and operations teams require this to happen at a fraction of the cost of traditional on-premises options. Modern data architectures on AWS help many of our best customers realise all of those goals. Your business data contains critical information about customer behaviours, operational decisions, and many factors that have financial impact on your organisation. Increasingly, this data sits beyond your transactional systems, and is too big, too fast, and too complex for existing systems to handle. AWS Data and Analytics services are designed from our customers' requirements to ingest, store, analyse, and consume information at record-breaking scale. In this session you will learn how these services work together to deliver business automation, enhance customer engagement and intelligence.

    12:35pm – 01:05pm

    Focus on your Business with Predictive Analytics, Containers and Kubernetes
    Woh Shon Phoon, Senior Solution Architect, Red Hat

    As existing workloads evolve and deployments grow in size and complexity, managing them is a key challenge. Learn how Red Hat Insights proactively identifies configuration and security risks before business operations are affected. In this session, we will also learn how developers and operators are embracing Linux containers and Kubernetes with OpenShift. OpenShift is well positioned to manage the complexity of Machine Learning and democratize access to these techniques. OpenShift will even allow you to deploy AWS services from within Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform both on-premises and in the cloud.

    01:05pm – 02:00pm
    Lunch and Exhibition Showcase
    02:00pm – 02:40pm Architecting a Serverless Data Lake on AWS
    Unni Pillai, Specialist Solution Architect, ASEAN, AWS

    As the volume and types of data continues to grow, customers often have valuable data that is not easily discoverable and available for analytics. A common challenge for data engineering teams is architecting a data lake that can cater to the needs of diverse users - from developers to business analysts to data scientists. In this session, we will dive deep into building a data lake using Amazon S3, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Athena, Amazon EMR and AWS Glue. We will also see how AWS Glue crawlers can automatically discover your data, extracting and cataloguing relevant metadata to reduce operations in preparing your data for downstream consumers.
    02:40pm – 03:10pm Gold Sponsor Session
    03:10pm – 03:50pm Machine Learning in Practice
    Steve Shirkey, Solutions Architect, ASEAN, AWS

    With the launch of several new Machine Learning (ML) services on AWS, now is your chance to learn how to quickly apply ML to solve real-world business problems, no prior ML experience necessary. During this session, you will learn about vision services to analyze your images and video for facial comparison, object detection and detecting text (Amazon Rekognition and Amazon Rekognition Video), building conversational interfaces for chatbots (Amazon Lex), and core language services for converting audio to text (Amazon Transcribe), converting text to speech (Amazon Polly), identifying topics and themes in text (Amazon Comprehend) and translating between two languages (Amazon Translate).
    03:50pm – 04:20pm Refreshment Break and Exhibition Showcase
    04:20pm – 05:00pm Artificial Intelligence to Delight Your Customers
    Andrew Watts-Curnow, Senior Cloud Architect – Professional Services, APAC, AWS

    Learn how advances in AI are enabling improvements in customer experience. This is a deep dive using machine learning frameworks for people who are familiar with building their own models. In this session, we will detail a facial recognition solution that can detect known customers and alert customer service staff.
    05:00pm – 05:45pm Closing Keynote − Ian Massingham, Global Head of Technical & Developer Evangelism, AWS
  • Modern Builders

    Technologies like Containers and Serverless computing are making it easier to deploy services that are highly scalable without worrying about infrastructure. IoT technologies make it not only possible to gather data but also push intelligence to devices close to the user; making the edge smarter. In this technical track, we will focus on these key enabling technologies, and architectures that tie them in a holistic system.

    Who Should Attend:
    CTOs, Technical Project Managers, Architects, and Developers

    11:15am – 11:55am Architectures in the Cloud Era
    Varoon Rajani, Chief Executive Officer, BlazeClan

    We live in a “new world” where enterprises building architectures are unconstrained by a focus on resources; where IT can shift away from resource focus to driving value for the business. The architectures for the 21st century generation are secure, scalable, fault tolerant and offer high performance and are cost effective. In this session, we will explore how architectures in the cloud era should follow “four commandments”: They should be highly available, they should be resilient, they should be adaptive, and they should be data-driven, not model or prediction driven.
    11:55am – 12:35pm 21st Century Modern Architecture
    Shaun Ray, Head of Specialist SA, ASEAN, AWS

    Data and machine learning are key technology drivers in the 21st century. They help to shape our society by unlocking opportunity for business innovation. Big data helps us perform business analysis, and machine learning helps us look into the future. Cloud is the new normal, but we don't stop there. For us, what is next? Join us to hear about how customers are embracing these technologies, to provide a holistic system to improve our interaction with voice and our devices, to architect new applications for the cloud era.
    12:35pm – 01:05pm Lambda, Step Functions and Datadog: A Symphony
    Alex Poe, Solutions Engineer Team Lead, Datadog    

    OK, you have built your first Lambda function. It may even be useful (and not just a thumbnail generator). But an application is more than just a single function; you need a lot of them. How do you get your functions working together? How do you know each function is performing well and how do you ensure that they improve over time. In this session I’ll make sure you are on the right track with AWS Lambda, get you started with Step Functions, and help you get the most out of your functions with a little monitoring.
    01:05pm – 02:00pm
    Lunch and Exhibition Showcase
    02:00pm – 02:40pm You Don't Need a Server For That!
    Arthi Jaganathan, Solutions Architect, ASEAN, AWS

    What if you could build an application that could rapidly scale on demand to meet high-volume traffic or spikes? What if you could do this without ever having to provision or manage a server, update an operating system, or worry about availability? With serverless computing, developers can focus on building great applications and services in a cost-effective manner without the operational overhead of traditional application development and deployment. Come learn how you can use AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, and other services to build the serverless applications of the future.
    02:40pm – 03:10pm GitHub to Lambda: Developing, Testing and Deploying Serverless Apps
    Daniel Figucio, Director of Solutions Engineering, GitHub

    AWS Lambda has emerged as a powerful and cost-effective way for enterprises to quickly deploy services without the need to provision and manage virtual servers. At AWS Summit 2017 we showed you how you can use GitHub as the core of a DevOps toolchain along with Jenkins and the AWS Command Line tools to help automate testing and deployment of Lambda functions. This year we are going to build on last year's work to leverage the recently released AWS CodeStar to build, test and deploy our service to Lambda. We'll also explore key product updates to GitHub and GitHub Enterprise designed to make serverless development easier and more efficient.
    03:10pm – 03:50pm

    Getting Smarter at the Edge
    Tim Cruse, Solutions Architect, Global Accounts, AWS

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is solving business problems for customers in all industries and helps bring smarter devices to end consumers. Security, connectivity, device management are fundamental building blocks to generate strong business value for all use-cases. With the increasing complexity of managing data at the edge, and making business decisions in real-time, AWS Greengrass is helping customers sense, infer and take action on their data at the edge. In this session we will cover the fundamentals of IoT within AWS and discuss how customers can bring smarter algorithms, machine learning at the edge, closer to their data, with AWS IoT suite of services.

    03:50pm – 04:20pm Refreshment Break and Exhibition Showcase
    04:20pm – 05:00pm

    More Containers, Less Operations
    Donnie Prakoso, Technology Evangelist, ASEAN, AWS

    Container technology provides unparalleled improvements in efficiency and agility of packaging and deploying applications. Containers offer VM-like isolation and process-like efficiency and hence are becoming the de-facto method for deploying micro-services. However, using containers for running services at scale has required that operations team handle complex, dynamically changing infrastructure requirements, or run the risk or under- or over-provisioning infrastructure. Sounds like going back to the days before Cloud? In this session, learn how AWS services for containers take the pain out of managing infrastructure, and best practices for developing new services rapidly while running them at scale.

    05:00pm – 05:45pm Closing Keynote − Ian Massingham, Global Head of Technical & Developer Evangelism, AWS

Sessions will cover an overview of services, features, and benefits with no prerequisites presumed.  

Sessions will focus on best practices, details of service features, and demos or code samples. Assumes introductory knowledge of topic.

Sessions will dive deeper into service features, lessons learned, deployment, and architecture examples. Assumes in-depth understanding of service use cases and AWS platform.

Sessions will focus on more complex topics such as advanced coding, architecture, infrastructure design, and solutions. Deep understanding of subject matter is presumed.