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The AWS Summit brings together the cloud computing community to connect, collaborate and learn about AWS. In this action-packed, one-day event, you can choose from over 30 breakout sessions covering a broad range of topics and technical depth. Attend introductory sessions on new and existing AWS services or participate in sessions that go deep into architecture and code. All sessions will be delivered by subject matter experts from AWS, Partners or expert customers who can share their real world experiences and lessons learned.

07:30am – 09:00am Registration and Exhibition Showcase
09:00am – 09:05am Welcome Remarks – Nick Walton, Head of ASEAN, Amazon Web Services
09:05am – 10:35am Opening Keynote – Adrian Cockcroft, VP Cloud Architecture Strategy, Amazon Web Services
  • Dato' Rohana Rozhan, Executive Director & Group Chief Executive Officer, Astro
  • Dave Gledhill, Chief Information Officer and Group Head Operations, DBS Bank
  • Arul Kumaravel, Vice President of Engineering, Grab
10:35am – 11:15am Refreshment Break and Exhibition Showcase
  • Business Transformation

    This track will provide foundation knowledge to those looking to embark on their journey to the cloud. A non-technical track, this will appeal to Business Owners, Enterprise IT Managers, Risk & Compliance Managers. We will deep-dive into the AWS / Cloud value proposition, learn how to clear common hurdles to cloud adoption, including risk/compliance/security and explore cloud agility and the culture of experimentation.

    11:15am – 11:55am

    Agile Transformation as a Catalyst for Cloud Adoption

    Agile methods have evolved in response to the incredible and increasing pace of technological change and have transformed the world of software delivery. Agile businesses have shortened the time between idea and implementation to achieve rapid market feedback as input to subsequent release cycles. Cloud solutions provide the rapid provisioning, on demand scaling, automation capabilities, and other features of flexibility required for agile businesses. The relentless pace of change driving agile transformation is therefore serving as an additional catalyst for cloud adoption on top of typical drivers such as cost reduction.

    Adam Burden, Senior Managing Director – Accenture Technology, Advanced Technology & Architecture

    11:55am – 12:35pm

    Lean Enterprise: Finding your Innovation Focus

    Innovation is a buzz, but not everyone is seeking to disrupt. Often a simple shift in capability can bring meaningful change. Hear how AIA’s Innovation Team (Edge) has harnessed the power of Lean Enterprise and is working with AWS to drive rapid prototyping and other techniques to test and validate value early.

    Luke McNeal, Head of Emerging Markets, Amazon Web Services, ASEAN
    Prashant Agrawal, Director Edge (Group Innovation), AIA Group

    12:35pm – 01:05pm

    How SapientRazorfish Cut Its Campaign Deployment Times From Days to Minutes

    SapientRazorfish, a leader in creating digital experiences for companies and brands, needed a solution to deploy campaigns rapidly – often within a day – to meet the needs of demanding marketers and consumers. Rackspace created an automated ‘Single Campaign per Solution’ process on AWS, with a standard protocol around Elastic Beanstalk for the Web/Application tier. Today SapientRazorfish launches campaigns within 5 minutes, compared with 3 days previously. That improvement has led to SapientRazorfish having happier customers, delivering more timely, effective campaigns, and reducing costs, all with minimal change for developers.

    Gene Tang, Head of Solutions Architecture, Rackspace Asia
    Sean Burke-Gaffney, Director of Technology, SapientRazorfish Southeast Asia

    01:05pm – 02:05pm
    Lunch and Exhibition Showcase
    02:05pm – 02:45pm

    Driving Business Insights with a Modern Data Architecture

    Your customers probably want a better experience with your brand. Your different business teams want and need better insights in their decision making. Almost certainly, your finance and operations teams require this to happen at a fraction of the cost of traditional on-premises options. Modern data architectures on AWS help many of our best customers realize all of those goals. Your business data contains critical information about customer behaviors, operational decisions, and many factors that have financial impact on your organization. Increasingly, this data sits beyond your transactional systems, and is too big, too fast, and too complex for existing systems to handle. AWS Data and Analytics services are designed from our customers' requirements to ingest, store, analyze, and consume information at record-breaking scale. In this session you will learn how these services work together to deliver business automation, enhance customer engagement and intelligence.

    Craig Stires, Head of Big Data and Analytics, Amazon Web Services, APAC

    02:45pm – 03:15pm

    Hybrid Cloud in the Trenches

    Discover how Datapipe’s customers are embracing cloud in the last 12 months. This session will describe how the appetite for transformation is growing in Singapore, ASEAN and into China, along with the successes and lessons learned along the way.

    Matthew Heap
    , Regional Manager of Solution Architecture, Datapipe Asia

    03:15pm – 03:55pm

    AWS Security: Enabling ‘FinTech-Pace’ Security

    This session will review how AWS allows FinTech’s across APAC to innovate at pace while maintaining the high level of security expected by the financial services community. We will review security domains including Infrastructure Security, Data Protection, Logging & Monitoring, Identity & Access Management and Intrusion Detection.

    Myles Hosford, Security Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services, APAC

    03:55pm – 04:25pm Refreshment Break and Exhibition Showcase
    04:25pm – 04:55pm

    Insight to Action - Visibility, Optimization and Governance for your AWS Cloud Environment

    Learn from an Industry Expert how the biggest AWS customers are Improving Total Cost of Ownership and are realizing Cost Savings and Service Management through CloudHealth’s platform.

    Joe Kinsella, Chief Technology Officer & Founder, CloudHealth Technologies

    04:55pm – 05:35pm

    Building your Cloud Strategy

    This session provides a framework that can be used to build a Cloud Strategy that is tailor made for your organization. The Cloud Strategy covers 7 different perspectives of consideration including Business, People, Process, Operations, Security, Maturity, and Platform. You will get access to a framework that has worked for hundreds of organisations amd hear about real life experiences from the AWS Professional Services team. While technology is important, there are several other considerations when mapping your journey to the Cloud. This session provides you with an holistic overview of a Cloud Strategy. Hear about what to avoid when building your Cloud Strategy and understand when and how to involve partners in your journey to the Cloud.

    Manav Prabhakar, Practice Manager, AWS Professional Services, ASEAN

    05:35pm – 06:05pm Closing Keynote -  Olivier Klein, Emerging Technologies Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
    06:05pm – 06:15pm Lucky Draw & Closing Remarks
  • Migrating to the Cloud

    This track will appeal to anyone with a basic knowledge of relevant AWS Services, who would like to gain a better understanding of the platform. This includes IT decision makers, technologists, CIO/CTOs, and infrastructure operations/ implementation / management teams. You will learn how to design and deploy new packaged applications, how to migrate existing workloads onto AWS and how to maintain a Hybrid IT environment.

    11:15am – 11:55am

    The Next Shift Has Begun: Looking Beyond Infrastructure as a Service

    Cloud adoption has matured to the degree that enterprises are looking to move beyond traditional Infrastructure-as- a-Service implementations.  As companies dive deeper into the AWS portfolio, challenges and opportunities abound.  In this session, we will discuss how to move past the IaaS model into the land of services like migration capabilities and serverless computing.  We will discuss some of the pitfalls and best practices of this new frontier and how customers are making these work for their businesses.

    Daniel Angelucci, Chief Technology Officer, DXC Technology, AMEA

    11:55am – 12:35pm

    Microsoft on AWS

    Learn how to architect fully available and scalable Microsoft solutions and environments in AWS. Find out how Microsoft solutions can leverage various AWS services to achieve more resiliency, replace unnecessary complexity, simplify architecture, provide scalability, and introduce DevOps concepts, automation and repeatability. Plan authentication and authorization, various hybrid scenarios with other cloud environment and on premise solutions/infrastructure. Learn about common architecture patterns for Active Directory and business productivity solutions like SharePoint, Exchange and Skype for Business, also common scenarios for SQL deployments and System Center.

    Paul Chen, Head of Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services, ASEAN

    12:35pm – 01:05pm

    Bridging the Datacentre to the Cloud

    Orchestration and automation principles need to be applied to enable smooth, efficient deployment of workloads to the cloud. Containers, through the use of Red Hat Openshift Container Platform, also help define that target infrastructure to enable true application elasticity.  During this session, these tools will be discussed with the aim of simplifying hybrid deployments across the private datacenter and the public cloud. Ansible by Red Hat is the simplest way to automate IT. Follow us on Twitter @

    Sivaram Shunmugam, Chief Technologist, ASEAN, Red Hat Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

    01:05pm – 02:05pm
    Lunch and Exhibition Showcase
    02:05pm – 02:45pm

    Transitioning to the Next Generation Hybrid Cloud Operating Model

    AWS provides many services to assist customers with their journey to the cloud.  Hybrid solutions offer customers a way to continue leveraging existing investments on-premises, while expanding their footprint into the public cloud.  This session covers the different technologies available to support hybrid architectures on AWS.  We discuss common patterns and anti-patterns for solving enterprise workloads across a hybrid environment.

    Derek Ewell, Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services, ASEAN

    02:45pm – 03:15pm

    Kellogg's - Asia Pacific: Business Enterprise Systems Cloud Journey

    Kellogg’s successfully migrated to the AWS cloud with the support of SNP Transformation Backbone. SNP Transformation Backbone actively supports every single step of the transformation. It enables you to master the entire transformation logistics – from continuous analysis of your corporate data and processes to careful planning and rapid implementation. SNP Transformation Backbone is the only software-based solution that addresses both business and IT driven transformations.

    Steve Allen, Managing Director, SNP Applications Asia
    Amit Shah, Program Manager, Kellogg's Asia Pacific

    03:15pm – 03:55pm

    Embracing Flexible Work Styles with AWS

    Learn how AWS is helping customers embrace bring your own devices (BYOD), activity based working scenarios and deal with global expansion. We’re simplifying and improving productivity to help businesses and employees get the most out of their day.

    David Manu, Enterprise Sales Representative, Amazon Web Services, APAC

    03:55pm – 04:25pm Refreshment Break and Exhibition Showcase
    04:25pm – 04:55pm

    Interconnect with Ecosystems and Things

    Eric M. Hui, Director, Business Development – Emerging Ecosystems, Equinix

    04:55pm – 05:35pm

    Application Migrations at Scale

    This session provides an overview of how organizations can migrate workloads to the AWS cloud at scale. We will go through available migration frameworks and best practices with common use case examples during this session.  After migrating the initial workloads, understand how to migrate at scale to the AWS cloud. Hear about real life experiences from the AWS Professional Services team and learn about common use case examples, frameworks, and best practices. Hear about what to avoid when migrating applications at scale to AWS and understand the tools and partner services that can assist you when migrating applications to AWS.

    Vijay Rangarajan, Senior Cloud Architect, AWS Professional Services, ASEAN

    05:35pm – 06:05pm Closing Keynote -  Olivier Klein, Emerging Technologies Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
    06:05pm – 06:15pm Lucky Draw & Closing Remarks
  • Architecting on the Cloud

    This track will deep-dive into solutions that combine several AWS services and partner technologies to provide a business outcome. Track attendance is suited to solution architects, software architects and customers who have had 2+ years of experience on the platform. By attending this track participants will learn about big data, security, complex workloads and advanced services.

    11:15am – 11:55am

    Automating Event Driven Security in the AWS Cloud

    You are quickly building and deploying exciting services on top on the AWS Cloud. As your deployment matures, you start to understand how each of these services has it's own unique challenges when it comes to operations and security.
    Making sure that the diversity available in AWS services doesn't increase the operational burden on your teams is a significant challenge. If you don't use the right strategy, you risk implementing a unique security approach for each service.
    In this talk we'll look at an overall security strategy for your deployment pulled from the real-world experiences of some of the top companies around the world. This strategy along with services like AWS Lambda can provide a unified view of your deployment and automatically respond to incidents… regardless of scale.

    Paul Hidalgo, Security Solutions Architect, Trend Micro, APAC

    11:55am – 12:35pm

    DevOps on AWS - Accelerating Software Delivery

    Today’s cutting edge companies have software release cycles measured in days instead of months. This agility is enabled by the DevOps practice of continuous delivery, which automates building, testing, and deploying all code changes. This automation helps you catch bugs sooner and accelerates developer productivity. In this session, we’ll share the processes followed by Amazon engineers and discuss how you can bring them to your company by using AWS CodePipeline and AWS CodeDeploy, services inspired by Amazon's internal developer tools and DevOps culture.

    Rohini Gaonkar, Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services, ASEAN

    12:35pm – 01:05pm

    Best Practices for Re-architecting & Optimizing Large-Scaled Data Systems on AWS: Oracle Migration and Big Data Streaming Solution

    Data has grown to become a valuable asset to drive fundamental business-changing decisions. The pressure of handling real-time, massive amount of data to bring about new values is weighing on the already overloaded systems. This keynote looks to share some of the best practices in Cloud re-architecting to leverage the power of AWS and provide the systems with the ability to handle large-scaled data: from migrating the entire Oracle database to AWS infrastructure & services; to re-designing the entire architecture to use cloud-native services (Amazon Kinesis, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon S3) & enjoy the great benefits of AWS. Each of these scenarios is proven to bring about tremendous benefits to customers, including improving performance by up to 100 times and reducing the cost significantly.

    Cuong Bui, Chief Solution Architect, AWS Taskforce, FPT Software

    01:05pm – 02:05pm
    Lunch and Exhibition Showcase
    02:05pm – 02:45pm

    Automating Compliance for Financial Institutions

    This session demonstrates how to architect for continuous compliance and security using CloudWatch Events and AWS Config rules. This session focuses on the actual code for the various controls, actions, and remediation features, and how to use various AWS services and features to build them. The demos in this session include CIS Amazon Web Services Foundations validation; examples of custom rules for regulatory compliance and how to automate aspects of incident response.

    Myles Hosford, Security Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services, APAC

    02:45pm – 03:15pm

    Architecting Application Services For Hybrid Cloud

    The cloud is transforming the way businesses deploy and manage applications. Organizations are increasingly deploying and migrating applications to public and private clouds primarily to drive agility, operational efficiency and cost savings.
    While we all recognize the benefits of Cloud,  the fact is that there are significant differences between how an application runs in a public IaaS provider data center designed for multiple tenants and how it runs in your private enterprise datacenter.

    Whether applications are revenue generating or critical business apps, they must ensure the same great user experience, including across associated availability, performance, and security services. However, there are challenges that need to be addressed, including determining which workloads are suitable for the cloud due to the inherent design of cloud data centers, the application delivery and security capabilities of each cloud provider, and the overall lack of visibility and control.
    Attend F5 Networks presentation session to learn how App-Centric Strategy  provides the critical services to make your business applications GO SMARTER. FASTER. SAFER whether you’re planning to architect a public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, deploy or re-architect your apps, or migrate to SaaS.

    Michael Quek, Regional Director, ASEAN, F5 Networks

    03:15pm – 03:55pm

    Building an Investment Case for Mass Migrations to AWS

    While cloud is fast becoming the new normal for organisations of all sizes, many IT executives & budget owners struggle to articulate the business value of moving to the cloud in terms that resonate with the Board and the broader C suite. In this session, we will talk through a live customer migration investment case that we had developed for a customer to undertake a commercial evaluation of their move to the cloud. It will illustrate the true impact of cloud computing on the overall IT cost base along with migration costs and associated non-cost benefits. Finally, we will discuss how AWS can support you in developing a similar investment case for your organization through a holistic framework.

    Conor McNamara, Head of Business Development, Amazon Web Services, APAC

    03:55pm – 04:25pm Refreshment Break and Exhibition Showcase
    04:25pm – 04:55pm

    Architecting for the New Age Enterprise

    Varoon Ranjani, Chief Executive Officer, BlazeClan Technologies
    Aik-Chong Phuah, Chief Technology Officer, Astro

    04:55pm – 05:35pm

    Building a Data Processing Pipeline on AWS

    AWS provides a broad platform of managed services to help you build, secure, and seamlessly scale end-to-end Big Data applications quickly and with ease. Want to get ramped up on how to use Amazon's big data web services? Learn when to use which service? Want to write your first big data application on AWS? Join us in this session as we discuss reference architecture, design patterns, and best practices for pulling together various AWS services to meet your big data challenges.

    Eng-Hwa Tan, Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services, ASEAN

    05:35pm – 06:05pm Closing Keynote -  Olivier Klein, Emerging Technologies Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
    06:05pm – 06:15pm Lucky Draw & Closing Remarks
  • Innovating on the Cloud

    Join this track to get a deep understanding on the new normal of IT solutions. In the new world you can focus on your business logic by leveraging automated services, without managing any servers. Build event-driven architectures with granular security that scale to millions of users and minimize your spend. Engage your customers with natural language interfaces. And let data steer your decision making in real time.

    11:15am – 11:55am

    Navigating the Vortex of Change

    We are currently in a period of human history where innovation is accelerating faster than at any other point in time. Business models are being turned upside down – from traditional, to digital, to autonomous as the Programmable Economy rises. These tectonic shifts affect every industry on earth. Disruptors are being disrupted, disruptors are disrupting themselves. To stay ahead, it’s imperative for organizations to innovate, fail fast, learn and iterate. It’s time to change or become a statistic. Welcome to the Vortex of Change.

    Sumner Lemon, Director, Multi-Vertical Sales, Industry Sales Group, Intel, Asia-Pacific and Japan

    11:55am – 12:35pm

    Serverless Solutions

    Application architecture is increasingly migrating to an event driven model - which are more efficient and have lower operational overhead. In this talk we will cover how to build a fully event driven architecture using AWS Lambda, chaining together multiple functions to build a complex application, which can be easily scaled to millions of users.

    Olivier Klein, Emerging Technologies Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services, APAC

    12:35pm – 01:05pm

    GitHub Enterprise and Automation with Codedeploy

    Daniel Figucio, Director Solutions Engineering, GitHub, ASEAN & ANZ

    01:05pm – 02:05pm
    Lunch and Exhibition Showcase
    02:05pm – 02:45pm

    Artificial Intelligence on AWS

    Make your solution see, hear and talk, leveraging artificial intelligence services based on deep learning and neural networks. We will discover three new AI tools from AWS - Lex, Polly and Rekognition; integrated with AWS IoT and a physical world device for human interaction and environmental awareness.

    Shaun Ray, Head of Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services, ASEAN

    02:45pm – 03:15pm Monitoring, Hold the Infrastructure - Getting the Most out of AWS Lambda

    Just as we got a hang of monitoring our server-based applications, they take away the server.  How do you monitor something that doesn’t exist?  What metrics matter most in a serverless world? In this session, we will look at how applications are different in a AWS Lambda-based world and how to monitor them. Join us as we work our way through the stack and demonstrate how to capture the health and performance of your services.

    Matt Williams, DevOps Evangelist, Datadog
    03:15pm – 03:55pm

    Chat Bots with Amazon Lex

    Engage your users with a natural language conversational interface using voice and text. Create a chat bot to understand your users’ intentions and fulfil their requests. Engage in a conversation to extract key pieces of data from the user. Fulfil the users’ intentions with AWS Lambda functions. Integration examples with Facebook messenger & Slack.

    Alex Smith, M&E Specialist Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services, APAC

    03:55pm – 04:25pm Refreshment Break and Exhibition Showcase
    04:25pm – 04:55pm Your Business at the Speed of Cloud. Innovate with Cloud-Native App Delivery, Security and Analytics

    Whether you are migrating to the cloud or born in the cloud, your goal is business agility through rapid innovation and operational efficiency.  That is why next-generation application delivery architectures must not only enhance the availability and security of microservice, container-based and server-less architectures, but integrate with increasingly popular DevOps tools and processes.
    Discover the importance of Cloud-native application services and reap the benefits of the Cloud with these modern strategies to manage, optimize and secure your digital transformation across diverse cloud environments.
    • Seamlessly manage and maintain heterogeneous workloads residing in multiple clouds or a mix of on-premise and cloud
    • See the effect per-application analytics has on the user experience and operational efficiency
    • Learn to deal with traffic management and security issues using analytics based triggers and AWS Lambda
    • Maximize agility by integrating app delivery with DevOps processes
    • See risk-free deployment of code into production, leveraging continuous integration/continuous delivery practices with precise traffic steering between different releases.

    Kamal Anand
    , Vice President of Cloud Business Unit,  A10 Networks

    04:55pm – 05:35pm

    SQL Strikes Back! Options for Large Scale SQL Analytics

    A large proportion of the data we generate is highly structured and hence SQL is often the natural choice for analysing that data.There are many SQL engines to choose from for large scale analytics and in this session we will compare some of of the options including Amazon Redshift, Amazon Athena, Presto, Spark SQL and Apache Hive.

    Russell Nash, Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services, APAC

    05:35pm – 06:05pm Closing Keynote -  Olivier Klein, Emerging Technologies Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
    06:05pm – 06:15pm Lucky Draw & Closing Remarks
  • Cloud for Public Sector

    This is a session with limited capacity of 200 attendees

    02:05pm – 03:00pm

    Transforming Government in the Cloud

    Cloud computing (on-demand delivery of IT resources by using the Internet with pay-as-you-go pricing) can help government organizations increase innovation, efficiency, agility and resiliency - all while reducing costs. This session highlights perspectives on how governments are breaking down innovation barriers, tackling mission-critical operations and delivering more value with the cloud.

    Peter Moore, General Manager GPS, Amazon Web Services, APAC

    03:00pm – 03:55pm

    Smart Nation: Using IoT to Enable Smart Cities and Smart Infrastructure

    With cities becoming the gravitational center of people’s lives, it’s understandable that city leaders all around the world are working hard to improve the quality of life of their citizens and increase the number of useful services. Projects around smart cities are gaining attention in several countries, with administrators, industries and citizens working together to enhance our cities. As the number of initiatives grow, so does the need to increase the IT infrastructure to support both the growing set of citizens’ services and the amount of data storage needed for these projects. That’s where cloud computing comes in. Come learn how the AWS cloud enables cities to obtain a flexible, secure and cost-effective IT infrastructure.

    Brad Coughlan, WWPS APJ BD Lead - Government, Amazon Web Services, APAC

    03:55pm – 04:25pm Refreshment Break and Exhibition Showcase
    04:25pm – 05:00pm

    Disrupting the 'attack-chain' in the Cloud

    Attend this session to learn operational insight on leveraging AWS tools to immediately improve security throughout your AWS environment.

    Ankush Chowdhary, Enterprise Security Consultant, Amazon Web Services

    05:00pm – 05:35pm

    Research and Shared Data - Finding Cures and Making Discoveries

    Organizations around the globe are increasingly making their data open and available for the public to access and use in the AWS cloud. This is fueling entrepreneurship, accelerating scientific discovery, and creating efficiencies across industries. Learn about the policies, key considerations and best practices for making your agency’s data open in the cloud, so you can fuel innovation, address your mission and better serve citizens.

    Adrian White, Senior SciCo TBDM, Amazon Web Services, APAC

    05:35pm – 06:05pm Closing Keynote -  Olivier Klein, Emerging Technologies Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
    06:05pm – 06:15pm Lucky Draw & Closing Remarks