Take the opportunity to attend one of the AWS Immersion Workshops being held during AWS Summit on 11 and 12 April. These workshops are intended to help customers enhance their cloud adoption strategies and bring their learnt skillsets back to their business for immediate implementation.

Designed to be consultative and hands-on, participants will get the opportunity to work through practical exercises, real-world case studies and get access to AWS experts for your most pertinent questions to be answered.

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AWS’ pay as you go model combined with granular pricing provides customers with the opportunity to drive efficiency that was not previously possible in on-premises environments. This workshop will provide you practical experience in how AWS tools and billing files can be used to drive efficiency, supporting cost management and optimisation efforts. You will learn about AWS pricing constructs, the basics of cost management and optimisation, get hands on experience using AWS Cost Explorer and AWS Budgets, and query AWS billing files using Amazon Athena. In working with billing files, even if not engaging hands-on, you will still experience the potential of advanced analysis methods. This will provide a basis for the ability to allocate costs across teams, better track changes in spend, and identify optimisation opportunities.

Audience: Intended for budget owners, including finance and procurement personnel, as well as IT professionals e.g. system architects, and analysts with a Cloud financial or operational focus.

Date: Wed 11 April,
Time: 11:00am – 2:15pm
Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Hardware Requirements: Bring your own device

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The AWS Cloud Journey Simulation Workshop, conducted by AWS Advisory
Services, leads your team through a 3-5‐hour cloud journey exercise to bring exposure to key decisions points during the first 2 years of your cloud journey. The workshop framework helps you guide your organisation along an experiential journey. Each team will read a cloud case study and begin to make strategic investment decisions relating to the needs of the business. Decisions will have an impact on the team’s score. Real life customer situations and lessons learned will be addressed during the workshop.

Audience: Executive members of the organisation and their extended team that oversee, influence or implement cloud services governance, migration, development, configuration, deployment or procurement. 

Date: Wed 11 April
Time: 2:30pm – 6:15pm
Level: Beginner
Hardware Requirements: None

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In this Capture the Flag workshop, we divide groups into teams and work on AWS CloudFormation DevSecOps. The AWS Red Team supplies an AWS DevSecOps Policy that needs to be enforced via AWS CloudFormation static analysis. Participant Blue Teams are provided with an AWS Lambda based reference architecture (Python) to be used to inspect AWS CloudFormation templates against that policy. Interesting items need to be logged, and made visible via ChatOps. Dangerous items need to be logged, and recorded accurately as a template fail.

Prerequisite: This workshop will require modifying supplied Python code/examples, so requires scripting experience.

Audience: Security Professionals, Developers, IT Professional 

Date: Thu 12 April
Time: 11:00am – 2:15pm
Level: Advanced or expert level knowledge 
Hardware Requirements: Bring your own device

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Alexa Skills - From Idea to Testing in Two Hours:
This workshop teaches you how to build your first voice skill with Amazon Alexa. This workshop will walk you through how to build an Alexa skill, how to implement an intent, deploying to AWS Lambda, and how to register and test a skill. You’ll walk out of the workshop with a working prototype of your skill idea.

Prerequisites: Participants should have an Amazon Alexa Developer Account and AWS account established and available for use during the workshop and will need to bring their own laptop.

Customer learning outcomes:

  • Understand Alexa Skills building fundamentals
  • Dive into Voice Design and Voice User-Interface
  • How to build engaging voice experiences

Audience: Level 100-200 workshop, aimed at technologists who want to build a skill on Alexa: software developers, mobile developers, IT professionals, UX designers etc.

Date:  Thu 12 April
Time: 2:30pm – 5:15pm
Level: Beginners and intermediate
Hardware Requirements: Bring your own device

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