Incumbent enterprises face dramatically competitive landscapes, with threats from almost every direction. Protecting your core business and innovating for the future is a delicate balancing act. Innovating as fast as a startup becomes a core competency, but failed new product innovation wastes time and resources. In this session, IT managers and professionals learn how running a lean enterprise can be a powerful framework for leading enterprise-scale innovation as effectively and fast as a startup.

Jon Kaehne, Head of Enterprise Strategy, Amazon Web Services


What does risk modeling and analytics in financial services have in common with large scale computing in high energy physics? Come to this session to hear how financial services customers like Aon are taking advantage of new approaches like predictive analytics and AI/deep learning on AWS to perform risk modeling and how Brookhaven National Laboratory are using 10s of thousands of cores to do large scale grid computing for Monte Carlo simulations in high energy physics. In addition, we will also showcase how CSIRO eHealth team in Australia are innovating with serverless architectures using AWS Lambda for personalized medicine and genomics.

Adrian White, Sr SciCo Technical Manager, Amazon Web Services


The technical advantages of a microservices architecture pattern are understood by many AWS customers. In this session, the innovation advantages of microservices are explored from a business perspective together with business agility lessons learned during an evolution from a single monolithic application to cloud based microservices.

Craig Dickson, Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services


Understand the technologies used and how to best expose voice experiences to users through Alexa. This session covers custom Alexa skills and building a home automation control from the ground up using Alexa and AWS IoT.

Rodney Haywood, Solutions Architect Manager, Amazon Web Services


In this session we will hear from Cliff Obrecht, co-founder of Canva, in conversation with Ian Gardiner, Head of ANZ Startup Ecosystem for AWS, on what the journey has been like scaling from a school yearbooks business based in Perth to a global SaaS business making design simple and available to everyone.

Ian Gardiner, Head of Start-up Ecosystem ANZ, Amazon Web Services

Cliff O'Brecht, CoFounder, Canva


In today’s connected society video is the killer app. Over the Top (OTT) media creates incredible customer viewing experiences and helps corporates build innovative employee engagement programs. Learn how a leading Australian media business used live video streaming to transform the customer experience at a recent worldwide sporting event and how Amazon Prime launched their Grand Tour in 200 countries in minutes.

Uti Alatan, Edge Services Business Manager, Amazon Web Services

Alastair Cousins, Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services

Clive Dickens, Chief Digital Officer, Seven West Media


Experience how live virtual 3D worlds rendered with Amazon Lumberyard, a free, cross-platform, 3D game engine, interconnect with IoT devices in the real world. This session will illustrate how AWS IoT can be used to remotely control animate objects with Bluetooth, such as a Sphero robot. By using AWS Lambda and AWS IoT, we will create bi-directional communication between moving robots that detect collisions and a virtual world rendered in Amazon's game engine. By using AWS IoT with the Alexa Skills Kit and the Amazon Echo, we will learn how to control the physical and virtual robots through voice.

Olivier Klein, Emerging Technologies Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services, APAC


Today’s business leaders are seeking answers to questions such as what technology to invest in, who to work with and what technologies will help reshape their industry and operating model over the next 10 years. In this session, industry experts Byron Connolly, Editor-in-Chief of CIO of IDG, and Tech Research Asia’s Tim Dillon, will together discuss the important role Cloud plays in the current state of Australia’s business landscape and to the next-wave technologies such as IOT, Robotics, ML and AI, which are reshaping industries and business sooner than predicted.

Byron Connolly, Editor-in-Chief of CIO, IDG

Tim Dillon, Tech Research Asia


Much is discussed about how IoT is transforming our lives, this session will focus on the business and strategic value from leveraging IoT and provide starting points in the AWS Cloud to accelerate your time to value.

Craig Lawton, Public Sector Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services


Making Earth observation data available by using Amazon S3 is accelerating scientific discovery and enabling the creation of new products. Attend and learn how the scale and performance of Amazon S3 lets earth scientists, researchers, startups, and GIS professionals gather and analyse planetary-scale data without worrying about limitations of bandwidth, storage, memory, or processing power. Co-presented with support of the Australian Geoscience Data Cube collaboration, DigitalGlobe’s Geospatial Big Data Platform and the developer of the popular ObservedEarth mobile app.

Craig Lawton, Public Sector Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services

Lachlan Hurst, Observed Earth

Matt Paget, Senior Experimental Scientist, CSIRO

Dan Getman, Digital Globe


REA have taken an innovative approach to building strong financial management across their infrastructure team. The visibility and ownership of costs has been improved through modifying team structure, interactive finance processes, budgeting operations and improved cost management behaviours. Hear from both an operational and finance perspective the value delivered and lessons learnt by REA on this FinOps journey.

Katerina Martianova, Commercial Manager - IT, REA Group

Javier Turegano, Global Infrastructure and Architecture Manager, REA Group