These command line tools (supported and maintained by AWS) have been provided to help AWS Premium Support customers gather some of the basic information we typically collect while troubleshooting customer-reported issues. In cases where you're experiencing an apparent networking or performance-related issue, the output from these tools can help to expedite the diagnosis and troubleshooting process.

Please download and run these tools on the system that is making Amazon S3, EC2, CloudFront, and/or SQS requests, then attach the output file to your support case.

Some of the information these tools collect:

  • System information (OS, Architecture)
  • Network information (trace routes, DNS servers)
  • A small number of AWS requests (Amazon S3 GET request for an AWS-owned object, Amazon S3 GET request to list your buckets)


  • Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 5 or later

Running the Tools:

  • Download and extract the aws-diagnostic-tool folder to the system making AWS requests
  • Reference README.txt for details about setting up environment variables
  • Run aws-diagnostic --help to view input parameters
  • Attach output of tools to your open support case