Test Drives are developed by AWS and Adobe partners and provided free of charge for education, demonstration and evaluation purposes. Test Drive includes enough free AWS datacenter time to launch and explore live enterprise solutions.  You can try any or all of the Test Drives at any time, so feel free to experiment, explore, and learn.


Please note that this Test Drive will be launched from the APN partner's website, free of charge in exchange for registering with the partner that has created them.

All of the solutions highlighted in the Test Drive program are available for later purchase, deployment and production use, on AWS from the partners providing the Test Drives.

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Try this Test Drive to see the working integration between AEM (CQ5.6.1) and Apache Solr, a solution demonstrating the best of breed content management and superior search capability. You can have your own personalized environment without making any code changes to any of your AEM components or templates. You will get started in less than 30 minutes of signing up and it’s free for the first 2 hours.

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This is a Test Drive version of FormBox showing the form-filing workflow capabilities. Other features like the review-and-approval workflow, metric gathering, and back-end database integration have been disabled, though you can click on these dashboard views to get a sense of what a typical FormBox experience provides. The form-filing use case is a brief and will only take about 15-20 minutes to complete.

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This Test Drive will show you WEM basics in just 20 minutes. Adobe’s Experience Manager (AEM), the WEM featured in this TestDrive enables marketing teams and agencies to easily collaborate and publish rich and responsive online content. ICF Interactive specializes in customizing AEM and managing its infrastructure to ensure businesses are quickly and continuously responding to customers.