AWS provides a set of AWS Mobile Services designed to deliver high performance apps. From onboarding new users and synchronizing data, to engagement through push notifications and tracking usage patterns, AWS Mobile Services work together seamlessly. AWS manages the backend so you don’t have to provision, scale, and monitor servers.

APN Mobile Competency Partners provide solutions to support developers or have deep experience working with developers, mobile-first businesses to help build, test, analyze and monitor their mobile apps on AWS.

Please select one of the following Test Drives to begin. Note that the Test Drives will launch from the authoring APN partner’s website.


Mobile Competency Partner Test Drives

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This 30-45 minute lab will demonstrate how easily developers can connect to SAP using Kony MobileFabric and expose business objects directly to a mobile application. In the lab you will learn how to expose SAP as an Identity provider, discover how to expose and optimize a mobile service, and add powerful offline capabilities to your app allowing users to leverage the app even when disconnected.

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This AWS Test Drive will focus on the Order Execution mobile application, executing against a real live SAP ECC Business Suite environment, and will also highlight the powerful MobileFabric components that seamlessly integrate your SAP service data in a secure and scalable way. The lab will take about 30 minutes.

All Test Drive solutions are available for later purchase, deployment, and production use on AWS from the APN partners who provided the Test Drive.