AWS Managed Service Partners are skilled at cloud infrastructure and application migration, and deliver value to customers by offering proactive monitoring, automation, and management of their customer’s environment.

In order to obtain the AWS Managed Service Partner designation, Managed Service Providers meet the AWS Managed Service Program requirements, including a third party audit of their AWS Managed Service capabilities. For more information, please visit AWS Managed Service Partners.

These Test Drives have been developed by AWS partners and are provided free of charge for demonstration, education and evaluation purposes. Each Test Drive includes enough complimentary AWS server time to complete the Test Drive, and you can return here to try any or all of the Test Drives, so feel free to experiment and explore!

Please select one of the following Test Drives to begin. Note that the Test Drives will launch from the authoring APN partner’s website.

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The REAN Managed Service Provider Test Drive shows how you can use various monitoring, alerting, and dashboard tools combined with the programmatic access to AWS infrastructure and logs to create a comprehensive view of your cloud-based infrastructure. This test drive will walk the user through setting up a representative business application, Drupal, and the management tools as part of a Managed Services Provider offering to enable a secured architecture in the cloud, along with the tools that provide VPN access, log ingestion, monitoring, dash boarding, and securing the security posture of the EC2 instances within your Virtual Private Cloud.

All Test Drive solutions are available for later purchase, deployment, and production use on AWS from the APN partners who provided the Test Drive.