AWS Contact Center Intelligence

Add intelligence to your existing contact center solution to improve service and reduce cost

Great customer experiences, powered by AWS AI services

Providing a great customer experience boosts repurchase odds and long-term loyalty, while poor customer service experiences increase costs and lead to customer defection. 

AWS Contact Center Intelligence solutions can quickly and easily add intelligence to your existing contact center solution to improve service and reduce cost. Learn more by connecting with one of the AWS Partners listed below.


Increase customer satisfaction

Amazon Lex and Polly powers chatbots and together with Amazon Kendra, creates a dynamic FAQ bot, enabling customers to self-serve anytime from anywhere without talking to a live agent. Amazon Kendra automatically derives the best answer and sourced by enterprises knowledge systems, continually improving the bot for future customer queries. Enabling customers to find accurate answers quickly boosts customer loyalty and retention.

Simplify quality management

Amazon Transcribe is used for automatic speech recognition (ASR) to create a high-quality transcript for Amazon Comprehend to apply natural language processing (NLP) to the transcript and analyze the interaction. This enables you to derive deeper quality management insights, generating actionable insights such as product and service feedback loops, or the best performing interactions such as those ending with a positive sentiment score.

Boost employee satisfaction and reduce operational costs

Amazon Comprehend analyzes call interactions in real time, detecting the sentiment of the caller, and identifying key words and phrases in the conversation using NLP. Live call transcription and NLP analysis are used by Amazon Kendra to help make suggestions to help agents quickly resolve customer issues. Bots allow agents to focus on more complex customer inquiries such as those requiring empathy. Improving agents’ day to day experience drives down attrition rates and hiring and training costs.

How it works

How Contact Center Intelligence works


AWS CCI solutions cover three key areas of the contact center workflow: Self-service, Real-time analytics & agent assist, and Post-call analytics. Each solution is created using a specific combination of AWS AI services and available through select AWS Partner Network (APN) partners.

Self-service accelerator


AWS CCI Self Service solution enables customers to build powerful chatbots and AI-driven Interactive Voice Response (IVR), customers can find answers or complete transactions without the assistance of a live agent 24/7/365.

Real-time accelerator

Real-time analytics & agent assist

AWS CCI Live-Call Analytics & Agent Assist solution provides AI-powered speech analytics in-real time, allowing agents and supervisors to better understand and respond to customer needs quickly. This solution helps to increase agent effectiveness and improve the customer experience by quickly finding relevant and actionable information from the knowledge base.

Post-call accelerator

Post-call analytics

AWS CCI Post-Call Analytics solution focuses on providing customer insights from previously recorded calls or chats which helps agents and supervisors better understand conversations with customers, to find patterns and quality issues so they can resolve customer issues faster and ultimately improve the overall customer experience. Post-call speech analytics dashboards, which can drive agent and operational performance statistics, can provide insights for managers, quality assurance personnel, and other leadership groups.

Contact a partner to learn more and get started

These AWS Partners have made it easier to add intelligence to your existing contact center solution. Learn more about how they can help your business benefit from AWS Contact Center Intelligence solutions by visiting the AWS CCI Partner page.

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