Send the right message, whether you need to contact one customer or a million.

Amazon Pinpoint offers you two ways to send your customers messages. You can use the segmentation features directly in the console to create targeted audiences for your campaigns, or send direct messages to specific recipients through the APIs or AWS SDKs. You can create dynamic segments that are based on real-time customer attributes, which ensures your segments are always up to date. You can also create static segments by importing CSV or JSON files that contain existing first- or third-party customer data.

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Amazon Pinpoint’s flexible segmentation features makes it easy to reach the right customer, whether you are creating robust audience segments for campaigns or sending a single customer a transactional message.


When a message isn’t delivered to the right customer, it tends to not perform well. When the content of a message isn’t relevant to a customer, that customer doesn’t have an incentive to engage with your brand. Repeatedly sending the wrong content to a customer could cause the customer to unsubscribe. Segmenting your audience so that you only send your messages to the right customers leads to an improvement in the performance of your engagements.


Amazon Pinpoint's event streams makes attribution easier. Amazon Pinpoint captures message events and the specific customer that took that action. This allows you to measure business outcomes and attribute them to particular engagement efforts. To learn more about event streams and the events Pinpoint captures, visit the Amazon Pinpoint Developer Guide.


In the Amazon Pinpoint console, you can create advanced audience segments in just a few clicks. Segments can be dynamic, which means that Amazon Pinpoint continuously evaluates your customers’ attributes and then adds or removes them from segments as needed. You can add segment criteria that are based on customers’ demographics, behaviors, and preferences. Dynamic segments allow you to create marketing automation workflows and ensure customers always receive messages relevant to them.

Key features

Dynamic Segments

Amazon Pinpoint can easily create hundreds of dynamic segments in real-time, so you never have to worry about your campaign targeting being out of date. When you create a dynamic segment in Amazon Pinpoint, you specify a set of rules that the members of that segment have to meet. Amazon Pinpoint continuously compares these rules to your customer's attributes, ensuring that your segments are always up-to-date. For more information, see the Amazon Pinpoint User Guide.

Imported Segments

If you want to define your segments outside of Amazon Pinpoint, or import customer data from an external source to use as a target audience, you can import segments. Unlike dynamic segments, the customers who belong to an imported segment don’t change over time. You can apply filters and rules to static segments to further refine your targeting. For more information, see the Amazon Pinpoint User Guide.

Segment Management

You can use the Amazon Pinpoint console to create, update, duplicate, and delete segments. You can also use the console to create campaigns that target existing segments. For more information, see the Amazon Pinpoint User Guide.

Custom Customer Data

When you integrate the AWS Mobile SDKs into your apps, you can stream custom attributes and metrics for each customer into Amazon Pinpoint. This allows you to use historic or third-party data not collected by Amazon Pinpoint, such as a list of customers who attended an event or who made an in-store purchase during last year’s holiday season. With this data, you can create even stronger audience segments and deliver relevant messages to your customers.

Send Transactional Messages to Any Recipient

You can send customers transactional messages even if they are not in an existing audience segment. You can use an AWS SDK to deliver on-demand, personalized messages to any recipient through the email, SMS, voice, or push notification channels. Just like campaign messages, Amazon Pinpoint collects delivery and response metrics for the transactional messages that you send. You can use this data to further refine your customer communications, and to improve your response and conversion rates in the future.

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