Fully Managed

Automated Database Management

RDS on VMware automates administrative tasks for your on-premises databases in VMware vSphere environments, including database provisioning, operating system and database patching, backup, point-in-time restore, compute scaling, database instance health monitoring, and failover. RDS on VMware supports Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and MySQL database engines.

Simple Interface

You can create, modify, and manage your databases using the AWS Management Console, Command Line interface (CLI), and APIs. The same simple interface can be used to manage RDS databases running on VMware or RDS databases running on AWS.

Scalability and Performance

Scalable Resources

RDS on VMware allows you to easily scale the compute and memory resources in your on-premises database instance, similar to an Amazon RDS instance in AWS.

Performance Monitoring

RDS on VMware provides Amazon CloudWatch metrics for your on-premises databases, including resource utilization, I/O activity, and instance connections.

Available and Durable

Availability Protection

Amazon RDS on VMware uses health monitoring to detect unhealthy database instances and automatically recover them using the same storage volume.

Simple Backup and Restore

Amazon RDS on VMware allows you to manually or automatically back up your on-premises databases. RDS on VMware supports point-in-time restore and allows you to specify an automated backup retention period per database. With per-database retention policies, you can specify how long to keep daily snapshots.

Leverage Existing Infrastructure

Consistent Infrastructure

RDS on VMware runs on the same on-premises virtualized infrastructure that runs many of your enterprise applications.

Consistent Tooling

RDS on VMware allows you to use the same operational tools such as VMware vCenter to manage on-premises VMs that run RDS on VMware and Amazon CloudWatch to collect database monitoring metrics.

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