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What's Coming

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AWS Certification provides exam guides to aid candidates in exam preparation. Each exam guide includes the content outline and relevant details for a certification. We share exam guides prior to beta periods for new certifications and updated exam versions. AWS Certification updates exams to ensure our certifications validate current AWS services and best practices.

There are currently no new exam guides.

Current Beta Exams

AWS Certification follows a rigorous process to create industry-recognized exams and credentials. Beta periods for new exams and new exam versions allow for testing exam item performance before use in a live exam.

Passing a beta exam earns candidates its applicable AWS Certification. Beta exams are offered at a 50% discount from standard exam pricing, and results are made available within 90 days of the end of the beta period.

There are currently no beta exams available.


  • What is an exam guide?

    AWS Certification exam guides include the content outline and relevant details for a certification exam. Creating an exam guide is a critical component in our rigorous process for industry-recognized exams and credentials.

  • Why is there a new exam guide for an existing AWS Certification?

    We develop new exam outlines to maintain the currency of our certification exams. We also provide a revised exam guide when an outline changes.

  • For exams with new versions that are coming soon, which exam should I take?

    We encourage candidates to review exam guides carefully and consider how long they need to prepare for an exam. They should also consider exam availability dates when making a decision about which version to take. Passing a beta exam or standard exam will result in earning an AWS Certification valid for three years.

  • How frequently are exams updated?

    AWS Certifications are designed to validate experience and knowledge of current AWS technology and best practices. Domains and objectives for each certification are carefully created by AWS subject matter experts. Once a certification is available, exams are refreshed on an ongoing basis. AWS subject matter experts will update domains and objectives as needed to reflect new AWS technology or best practices. The frequency varies by exam. If you’re interested in taking part in our rigorous approach to creating and updating our exams, learn more about our SME program.

  • What is a beta exam?

    AWS Certification uses beta exams to test exam item performance before use in a live exam. An exam goes through the beta process before the exam is launched for the first time. AWS Certification also completes a beta process when an exam outline changes.

  • What is the benefit of taking a beta exam?

    Beta candidates have the opportunity to take the newest exams first and to participate in data gathering about the performance of exam questions. For new exams, candidates who pass the exam can be among the first to hold the new certification. In addition, beta exams are typically offered at 50% off standard exam pricing.

  • What happens if I pass the beta?

    Candidates who pass the beta exam will be awarded the AWS Certification once scores are released, typically 90 days from the end of the beta period. Your certification will be valid for three years from the day scores are released.

  • What happens if I do not pass the beta exam?

    Individuals who participate in beta exams but do not pass can retake the exam once the standard version is released. A passing score on the beta or standard exam is required to earn the certification.

  • Why is there a beta exam for an existing AWS Certification exam?

    We develop new exam outlines to maintain the currency of our certification exams and provide a revised exam guide when an outline changes. A beta period for the updated version allows us to gather statistical information about new questions that fit the new outline.  

  • Where do I take the beta exam?

    Beta exams are delivered by our testing vendors, PSI and Pearson VUE. Testing centers are available in thousands of locations across the globe. You can access a list of the available testing centers in your area with available dates and times during the exam scheduling process.

  • Why is beta registration limited?

    We offer beta versions of new exams in order to gather statistical information about new questions that fit the new outline. Once we reach our capacity for this statistical analysis, we may close registration for a given beta exam. Anyone who has already registered will have the opportunity to complete their beta exam as scheduled.

  • What languages are beta exams available in?

    Beta exams are available only in English. We anticipate more languages will be available once the exam is released in full.

  • What prerequisites are required to take these beta exams?

    There are no prerequisites for our AWS Certification exams, including beta exams. In October 2018, we removed prerequisites to give candidates more flexibility for our exams.  

Have more questions? See our AWS Certification FAQ