Security Appliances


Chaser Systems

"The Gateway Load Balancer has allowed security-conscious customers to leverage Chaser’s DiscrimiNAT Firewall, which protects against a range of Exfiltration and Command & Control TTPs, with auto scaling and high availability spec SREs would approve. Collaborating with AWS on this integration, we retained the developer experience, low latency and data in transit’s processing private to the customer’s VPC, as had come to be expected of our FQDN-filtering NAT solution."

- Dhruv Ahuja, Chief Engineer at Chaser Systems

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Check Point

Check Point Software

“AWS continues to deliver advanced cloud services to respond to customer needs and help organizations build secure cloud deployments. Gateway Load Balancer will simplify the design of cloud architectures and allow customers to use CloudGuard’s advanced threat prevention technologies in an easier and more intuitive way.”

- Itai Greenberg, VP Product Management at Check Point Software

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F5 Networks

“F5 security and traffic management services in the BIG-IP platform are commonly used by F5 on-prem enterprise customers that want the same level of trusted protection and traffic optimization on AWS. Gateway Load Balancer greatly simplifies this insertion of BIG-IP network security services into AWS environments, while supporting high availability and horizontal scaling of the BIG-IP instances.”

- Arul Elumalai, Vice President and General Manager of BIG-IP Product Management, F5 Network

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“Fortinet’s FortiGate Virtual Firewall natively integrates with Gateway Load Balancer, which takes on deployment and scalability, allowing us to deliver advanced security features, including IDPS, DPI, and Anti-malware to customers more quickly. This collaboration with AWS builds on an existing relationship and together our companies are providing a solution for running cloud security and management appliances that gives customers flexible and secure access to the cloud.”

- John Maddison, EVP of products and CMO at Fortinet

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Palo Alto

Palo Alto Networks

"Until now, inserting firewalls in the path of traffic has been a challenge for customers deploying VM-Series virtual Next-Generation firewalls to help protect their cloud AWS environments. The new Gateway Load Balancer is a game-changing capability that allows customers to insert firewalls seamlessly - without diminishing performance or any network address translations."

- Mukesh Gupta, Vice President of Product Management, at Palo Alto Networks.

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“With Radware’s new elastic scaling capability, AWS users can add an additional layer of protection for their workloads against attacks. Running on Gateway Load Balancer eliminates the guesswork related to licensing and reserving compute resources. Customers benefit from better cost management, maximum mitigation capabilities against attacks, and resiliency without needing to know in advance their future application usage or DDoS protection requirements.”

- Gabi Malka, Chief Operating Officer at Radware

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Trend Micro

“To maintain functional IT operations, meet compliance standards, and protect complex systems in the cloud, security is a concern that must be proactively addressed. Customers need an appliance that adapts to increased volume and automatically provides centralized implementation of network security with less friction. Gateway Load Balancer with Cloud One – Network Security help solve this problem for security teams.”

- Blake Sutherland, Vice President Network Security at Trend Micro 

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"Using Gateway Load Balancer, Valtix customers can quickly deploy an advanced network security-as-a-service to protect their cloud workloads at cloud speed without requiring complex management scripts to deploy, license and manage virtual firewall appliances, such as next-generation firewall (NGFW) vendors. Integration with Gateway Load Balancer enables Valtix virtual appliances to auto scale to protect customer workloads against exfiltration and lateral movement of attacks."

- Vishal Jain, CTO, Valtix

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Network Analytics

cPacket Networks


“cPacket continues to complement AWS for cloud-native observability for network-aware application performance and security assurance. Partnering and integrating with AWS native services, like Gateway Load Balancer and VPC Traffic Mirroring, enables us in facilitating the digital transformation journey of our customers.”

- Nadeem Zahid, VP Product Management & Marketing at cPacket Networks

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“Glasnostic enables operations and security teams to detect, respond to, and proactively manage disruptions, automatically and in real-time. The new Gateway Load Balancer service brings customers this ability with a single click, thus greatly benefiting their agility.”  

- Tobias Kunze, CEO & Co-founder at Glasnostic 

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“The recently announced Gateway Load Balancer makes it easy to deploy and scale NETSCOUT virtual appliances. This helps our customers illuminate blind spots and empowers NETSCOUT to offer end-thru-end Visibility without Borders (VwB), used by enterprises for application performance and security assurance in hybrid cloud environments.”  

- Bruce Kelley, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at NETSCOUT Systems 

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“Gateway Load Balancer is a powerful tool that customers use to build and expand their use of network appliances within their AWS cloud network. The Aviatrix cloud network platform architecture enables customers to centrally control and directly program a Gateway Load Balancer as part of a comprehensive transit solution for enterprise network security and visibility requirements.”

- Rod Stuhlmuller, VP of Product Marketing at Aviatrix

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Cisco Systems

“Cisco ACI on AWS is truly a solution that embodies the best of both worlds- intent based networking automation and a world class public cloud infrastructure on AWS. Cisco continues to invest in this collaboration with AWS by integrating with the AWS Control Tower and Gateway Load Balancer. The new Cisco Cloud ACI on AWS integrations will provide best-practice intent based networking as part of a standard deployment blueprint while simplifying the deployment of networking appliances. We expect this solution to benefit the customer by providing operational simplicity and networking automation at scale."

- Thomas Scheibe, VP, Product and Marketing, IBNG, at Cisco

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"To help our mutual customers automate their infrastructure at scale, we have teamed with Amazon Web Services to deliver launch-day support of Gateway Load Balancer, as part of the HashiCorp Terraform AWS provider. With this collaboration we’re excited to empower our customers to automate consistent configuration and management of the new Gateway Load Balancer service from day one."

- Burzin Patel, Vice President of global alliances at HashiCorp  

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Systems Integration

ePlus Technology,inc.

ePlus Technology, Inc.

"Our enterprise and public sector customers use network appliances to perform critical functions in their networks. Tools like Gateway Load Balancer are set to make a big difference in how security and analytics appliances are deployed, scaled, and managed in the cloud."

- Justin Mescher, VP of Cloud and Data Center Strategy at ePlus Technology, Inc.

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