AWS Enterprise Transformation

Transforming enterprises into modern digital businesses

AWS Enterprise Transformation provides solutions, programs, and guidance to accelerate your journey to become a modern digital business. AWS leverages your cloud journey successes and delivers on your corporate strategy. Our offerings include specific solutions for enterprise use cases, help with building self-guided transformation plans, and an immersive experience to transform your business.

Benefits of a Modern Digital Business

Make data-driven decisions with business and operational insights

Improve customer experiences with new and enhanced offerings

Accelerate time to revenue

Increase speed to market

Enhance your cost optimization and operational efficiency

Acquire the skills and capabilities needed for organizational change

Transformation Programs

There are many different programs you can utilize to transform your company into a modern digital business.
Check out the below programs to get started.

AWS Enterprise Transformation Program

Traditional enterprises struggle to keep up with the pace of innovation set by cloud native companies. The AWS Enterprise Transformation Program helps enterprises achieve their corporate objectives and accelerate their path to become a modern digital business. Leveraging Amazon and AWS’s proven success patterns and practices, this program offers prescriptive and trusted guidance.

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AWS Innovation Program

AWS helps you use the cloud to turn ideas into opportunities—creating new ways to grow, increase efficiency, and serve customers better. Our customer-obsessed culture, industry-leading cloud services, and global customer and partner community offer a unique set of tools and expertise for solving problems and exploring possibilities.

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AWS Cloud Adoption Framework

The AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (AWS CAF) leverages AWS experience and best practices to help companies digitally transform and accelerate their business outcomes. This is achieved through innovative use of AWS products and services.

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Transformation Guidance

Tap AWS expertise and start your journey to become a modern digital business.

Capabilities of Modern Digital Business
Whitepaper | 30 min read
Capabilities of a Modern Digital Business

Many enterprises set out to transform their business with an upfront strategy and a rigid three-to-five-year plan only to fail in the execution. To help these customers, AWS analyzed the success patterns and insights from hundreds of current customer transformation stories, and have identified six (6) capabilities that enable a successful journey to a modern digital business.

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Curated Resources | 10 min read
Driving Growth Through Digital Transformation

Digital transformation isn’t just about implementing new technology, it’s about using technology to drive growth. Learn how organizations can begin their own transformation.

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Digital Transformation Blog Series

Blog post | 7 min read

Digital transformation is the process of using digital technologies to fundamentally change how an organization operates and delivers value to its customers. It involves the integration of digital...

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Blog post | 8 min read

Although still challenging and important, technology is often the easier part of digital transformation. As it turns out, the people part is the most critical and is often overlooked and under-appreciated. In an earlier...

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Blog post | 6 min read

Digitally transformed organizations have these abilities in common: they move quickly, utilize new technologies to solve business problems, redefine customer experiences, and deliver...

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Blog post | 7 min read

The rising expectations of customers and employees, due to the consumerization and ubiquity of IT, are driving business transformation. They expect the same seamless functionality found in apps...

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Transformational Solutions

There are many paths to begin your transformational journey — and AWS works with you to find the right solutions.

Solutions for Financial Services

Use the AWS Solutions Library to browse curated solutions for the financial services industry. Navigate through banking, capital markets, insurance, and payments to find everything you need with AWS solutions.

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Digital Twin

A digital twin is a complete digital replica of a physical asset or real-world process. Using AI and ML to monitor supply chain assets, transactions, vendors, and other processes, companies are empowered to make rapid decisions and quickly respond to any issues that arise.

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Sustainable IT

Using Sustainable IT solutions on AWS, companies can measure, predict, and reduce the carbon emissions associated with IT infrastructure and cloud workloads. Gain better visibility, implement best practices, and reduce the climate impacts.

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Enterprises Leading the Way

Even the most complex enterprises are transforming with AWS.


Nationwide serves millions with new digital experiences

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Takeda's digital transformation provides new benefits

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Lockheed Martin Aeronautics unleashes the power of AWS Transformation

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