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Industrial systems create vast amounts of data but struggle with maximizing the value of the high volumes of data created by many disparate systems, sensors, and assets. Applying machine learning to industrial data can help you better understand and leverage that data, transforming it into insights that can increase product production per hour, enhance quality, lower the cost of products, and improve asset uptime.

AWS offers the broadest and deepest set of machine learning services to help you quickly and easily transform data into insights that you can use to proactively optimize industrial processes and supply chain operations, enable predictive maintenance to increase uptime, or monitor quality to ensure customer satisfaction.

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Optimize your production operations with a proven leader in the industrial space. Build with machine learning and generative AI in a responsible way with end-to-end privacy, security, and AI governance.

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Analyze industrial data using ML services purpose-built for industrial use cases, such as Amazon Monitron, Amazon Lookout for Equipment, AWS Panorama, and Amazon Lookout for Vision.

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Kickstart your ML journey with services and solutions that don’t require any ML expertise to get started, or work with AWS Partner Network (APN). 

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Banco de Bogotá advances fraud detection

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  • Improve uptime
  • Improve uptime

    Use ML to take proactive action and prevent problems before they occur. Implement predictive maintenance using the data collected from machine sensors and systems, under your unique operating conditions, with sophisticated machine learning techniques to automatically detect abnormal machine conditions as early as possible.


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  • Automate quality inspection
  • Automate quality inspection

    Use AI and ML to enhance visual imaging accuracy earlier in the quality control process. Automating visual inspection with machine learning can help industrial organizations with use cases such as detecting part damage like dents or scratches, identifying missing components, or even uncovering process issues such as recurring patterns of defects.

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  • Optimize supply chain
  • Optimize supply chain

    Automate supply chain optimization tasks that traditionally require human inspection or oversight, such as tracking throughput or the transportation of goods—even in edge environments with limited internet bandwidth. Computer Vision (CV), the application of machine learning used to analyze digital images or videos, can be added to existing on-premises cameras for a wide variety of industrial applications, and used to make ML-based predictions locally with high accuracy and low latency.

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  • Improve safety
  • Improve safety

    Automatically identify potential safety issues such as when workers or forklifts are straying into dangerous, off-limit zones, or other instances of non-compliance in industrial spaces that can lead to accidents. Implement Computer Vision at the edge for fast response times to send an alert to an individual, or automatically shut off machinery.

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  • Develop smarter forecasts
  • Develop smarter forecasts

    Model changes or irregularities in the supply chain, re-evaluate demand, optimize performance, and adapt to product or distribution changes. A machine learning-powered forecasting solution combines time series data with additional variables to automatically examine complex relationships and build forecasting models that are up to 50 percent more accurate than looking at time series data alone.

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Baxter Improves Operational Efficiency with Predictive Maintenance Using Amazon Monitron

Using Amazon Monitron, Baxter International Inc. uses predictive maintenance to avoid unplanned equipment downtime, preventing over 500 machine hours of unplanned downtime in one facility.

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Koch Industries Uses ML to Drive Transformation

The global manufacturer, Koch Industries, adopted AWS services and a collaborative culture to help break down silos and accelerate the value of machine learning- based insights. For example, Koch’s subsidiary, INVISTA, uses Amazon SageMaker to develop anomaly-detection models that identify and prevent waste in air bag fiber production.

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The Port of Vancouver Improves Operational Efficiency with Computer Vision
The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority (Port of Vancouver) partnered with Deloitte, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, to implement computer vision and automate time-consuming and costly visual inspection tasks. This has allowed them to improve container detection, tracking, and localization throughout the drayage and exam process, accelerate container inspection, and streamline traffic.

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