Run Semiconductor Design Workflows on AWS

This implementation guide provides you with information and guidance to run production semiconductor workflows on AWS, from customer specification, to front-end design and verification, back-end fabrication, packaging, and assembly.

Semiconductor Design on AWS

This whitepaper presents an overview of the semiconductor design flow, a migration path for moving design and verification workflows to AWS, and the AWS architectural components needed to optimize semiconductor design workloads on AWS.

Best practices for deploying ClioSoft SOS7 on AWS

This paper outlines the advantages of and best practices for deploying the ClioSoft SOS design data management software on the AWS Cloud platform.

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Using Ellexus Breeze for EDA workload migration to AWS

This whitepaper outlines the best practices for migrating Electronic Design Automation (EDA) workloads to AWS using the I/O profiling and dependency analysis tool suite Breeze from Ellexus. Profiling the EDA tool on premises and in the cloud ensures that the AWS configuration is right sized for the application and that costs are optimized.

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Blogs & articles

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EDA in the Cloud: Astera Labs, AWS, Arm, and Cadence Report
Paul McLellan
Oct 4, 2019

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Arm on Arm: Cadence characterization in the AWS cloud
Darren Cepulis
Oct 20, 2019

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Designing Arm processors using Arm processors in the AWS cloud (M6g - Graviton2)
Tim Thornton
Dec 18, 2019

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Reference architectures

Semiconductor and Electronics on AWS: Enabling collaboration and innovation from customer specification to silicon

Architectural deep dive into AWS services, data movement, analytics, and collaboration across the design process.

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Semiconductor and Electronics on AWS: AWS services and data movement for semiconductor design

An architectural overview of AWS services and data movement options for semiconductor design workflows.

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Scale-out computing on AWS, services used

Launch a turnkey scale-out computing environment in minutes.

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Remote desktop for EDA

Launch Xilinx Vivado design suite using NICE DCV remote desktop on AWS.

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EDA on AWS with IBM Spectrum LSF

Running EDA workloads on AWS with LSF Resource Connector.

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Decoupled serverless scheduler, part 1 of 2

Deploy a decoupled serverless scheduler to run any HPC application at scale.

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Videos & webinars

AWS executive insights: Innovation and leading organizational change (16:03)

How do you innovate and enable new products in an increasingly fast paced industry? Henk Coenen from NXP dives into NXP's transformation and how innovation can be enabled by embracing failure and taking the right approach to organization change.  

AWS re:Invent 2019: Leadership session: AWS for the Semiconductor industry MFG206-L (52:57)

In this session, learn how AWS helps achieve the maximum possible performance and throughput for design and verification workloads and enhances electronic product manufacturing through advanced analytics and machine learning. See optimization techniques and architectures for accelerating batch and interactive workloads. Learn to extend and migrate on-premises EDA workloads with AWS and to use a combination of instances to minimize costs.

AWS re:Invent 2019: Electronic design automation: Scaling EDA workflows MFG304 (57:10)

In this session, we discuss deployment tools and methods, and use cases, for running the entire EDA workflow on AWS. Using customer examples, we show how AWS can improve performance, meet tape-out windows, and effortlessly scale out to meet unforeseen demand.

Arm accelerates innovation with compute solutions on AWS (1:37)

Technical tools & training


Scale-out computing on AWS

This whitepaper presents an overview of the EDA workflow, recommendations for moving EDA tools to AWS, and the specific AWS architectural components to optimize EDA workloads on AWS.

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An overview of the AWS Solution (Architecture Diagram, Features, and Deployment Resources) Scale-Out Computing on AWS is a solution that helps customers more easily deploy and operate a multiuser environment for computationally intensive workflows.

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EDA workshop with IBM Spectrum LSF

The CloudFormation templates in this workshop deploy a fully functional IBM Spectrum LSF compute cluster with all resources and tools required to run an EDA verification workload on a sample design in the AWS Cloud.

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AWS decoupled serverless scheduler

This guide goes over the deployment process, which leverages AWS CloudFormation. This allows you to use infrastructure as code to automatically build out your environment.

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AWS remote desktop for EDA

In this workshop we will demonstrate the high performance capabilities of NICE DCV leveraging the Xilinx Vivado Tool Suite, a popular EDA (Electronic Design Automation) tool suite.

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Wafer data analysis of WM811K on AWS

This workshop goes the process of first launching an EC2 instance, then downloading and analyzing semiconductor wafer data ([MIR_LAB]) for the purposes of understanding how a foundry can better predict and prevent failures more quickly.

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