APN Training Partners

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AWS works side by side with selected training organizations around the globe to ensure that customers can access training courses in their preferred language and location. Our APN Training Partners meet the robust requirements of AWS course delivery and are the only organizations endorsed by AWS to deliver our classroom-based training.

Browse our course catalog, and book a spot in an in-person or virtual class with a local APN Training Partner. 

The Benefits of APN Training Partners

Choice and convenience

By working with select APN Training Partners in each region, we're able to increase our customers' flexibility and choice of when and where they take classroom-based training. 

Local presence

Each APN Training Partner is based in the country where their training courses are delivered. This means that customers benefit from an instructors with local knowledge of the market, culture, and employment environment in which they are training.  

Authorized AWS instructors

APN Training Partner courses are delivered by instructors who are members of the AWS Authorized Instructor Program. This program ensures that customers experience the same standards of learning, no matter which training organization they work with.

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