With Amazon WorkLink, you only pay for what you use. You are charged monthly based on the number of users that connect to WorkLink. There are no minimum fees, upfront commitments, or long-term contracts.

How pricing works

Amazon WorkLink costs $5 per monthly active user in all regions where the service is available. An active user is an end-user who accessed web content through Amazon WorkLink in a calendar month. An end-user may access whitelisted sites as many times as desired. You only pay for users that access internal content in a given month, and there is no additional charge for bandwidth consumption.

Amazon WorkLink is currently available in the following AWS regions: AWS US East (N. Virginia), AWS US East (Ohio), AWS US West (Oregon), and AWS EU (Ireland).

Pricing example

An organization has 5,000 salespeople that frequently access internal web resources from their mobile phones. The organization uses Amazon WorkLink to provide secure access, and all 5,000 salespeople have been provisioned to use the service. In November, 3,500 salespeople used Amazon WorkLink on their phones to access the CRM app, account team wikis, and customer presentations. In December, most salespeople had achieved their quota and were out for the holiday season. As a result, only 500 salespeople used Amazon WorkLink. In this example, your costs would be calculated as follows:

  Number of Active Users Cost per Active User Total Cost per Month (Not including tax)
November 3,500 $5 $17,500
December 500 $5 $2,500

During November, you pay for the 3,500 salespeople that connected to Amazon WorkLink. So, you will be charged $17,500 (3,500 x $5 per user) plus any applicable tax. In December, only 500 salespeople accessed any content using Amazon WorkLink, so you will be charged $2,500 (500 x $5 per user). In both the scenarios, you only pay for the salespeople that connected to Amazon WorkLink, and not for the entire sales organization.

Additional charges

You can link your content with Amazon WorkLink via an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) that you own. If your content is not hosted in AWS, you will need to link your VPC with your content via a VPN connection or AWS Direct Connect to use Amazon WorkLink. Costs related to your VPC, VPN connection, or AWS Direct Connect is not included. Details about VPN connection pricing can be found here, and AWS Direct Connect pricing can be found here.

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