AWS Virtual Classroom Training

Bring the live classroom learning experience to you

AWS Virtual Classroom Training brings the classroom learning experience to you. Engage with an expert AWS-accredited instructor for practical, on-the-spot help.

Live instructors teach students in-demand cloud skills and best practices using a mix of presentations, discussion, and hands-on labs to support comprehension and help retain learning.

Build your cloud skills with AWS Virtual Classroom Training (1:03)

What to Expect

image of virtual classroom instructor

Learn in different ways

Dive deep with a mix of presentations, peer discussion, and interactive labs to break down complex topics in real time.
image of messaging tool in virtual classroom

Engage in real time

Instructors monitor real-time messaging to respond to questions or feedback.
image of live instructor poll in virtual classroom

Respond to live instructor polls

Provide feedback or input through live polls or raise your hand to signal an instructor when you have a question.

Features and Benefits

Live learning

Classes are conducted live, so students can get practical, on-the-spot answers from instructors and engage each other to reinforce learning.

All courses delivered virtually

All AWS Classroom Training courses are available virtually to bring the learning experience to you.

Expert AWS-accredited instructors

The same expert AWS instructors who deliver in-person classes also deliver our virtual classes.

Real-world knowledge

Whether delivered virtually or in person, our courses are designed by experts to help students learn best practices based on real-world scenarios from our customers.

Convenience and Flexibility

Join a class without the need to travel. Schedule training on days your team would have been traveling.


Organizations can empower their teams to complete projects faster and troubleshoot with confidence without the cost of travel or opportunity cost of travel days.

Additional Resources and Information

Learn more about the value of virtual training with our blogs, articles, and more. Check back often for updated content.

Technical Requirements

Review the following requirements to ensure you are successfully prepared for AWS Virtual Classroom Training.

  • Bring your own device

    Participants must provide their own laptop or PC with wired/wireless internet access.

  • Accessing the live virtual classroom

    AWS utilizes GoToTraining for delivering virtual training classes. The technical requirements for GoToTraining can be found on LogMeIn’s support page for training attendees. APN Training Partners may require the use of a different solution for virtual classes. Please refer to their websites for information.

  • Hands-on exercises

    To access lab exercises during a class, attendees need outbound access on the following TCP ports:

    • TCP port (outbound) 3389 - RDP
    • TCP port (outbound) 22 - SSH
    • TCP ports (outbound) 80,443 – web
    • TCP port (outbound) 4172 – Amazon Workspaces (may be required for the instructor)
  • Windows SSH Client

    Windows users will need an SSH client, such as Putty.

Have questions? Our FAQ has answers.