Amazon Transcribe

Automatically convert speech to text

60 minutes of speech-to-text for 12 months

Use cases

Get insights from customer conversations

With Transcribe Call Analytics, quickly extract actionable insights from customer conversations. AWS Contact Center Intelligence partners and Contact Lens for Amazon Connect offer turnkey solutions to improve customer engagement, increase agent productivity, and surface quality management alerts to supervisors.

Create subtitles and meeting notes

Use Amazon Transcribe Subtitling to boost productivity and accurately capture the meetings and conversations that matter to you. Subtitle your on-demand and broadcast content to increase accessibility and improve customer experience.

Detect toxic content in audio

Use Transcribe Toxicity Detection for gaming, social media and other peer to peer conversations. Detect and categorize toxic audio and foster a safe and inclusive online environment.

Improve clinical documentation

Medical doctors and practitioners can use Amazon Transcribe Medical to quickly and efficiently document clinical conversations into electronic health record (EHR) systems for analysis. The service is HIPAA- eligible and trained to understand medical terminology.

How to get started

Find out how Amazon Transcribe Works

Learn more about audio inputs, customization, privacy, and more.

Explore hands-on Training

Learn how to create your first audio transcript.

Dive into the console

Get hands on with Amazon Transcribe in the AWS console.

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