Posted On: Nov 15, 2021

AWS Amplify announces the ability for developers to override Amplify-generated IAM, Cognito, and S3 configuration to best meet app requirements. The AWS Amplify CLI is a command line toolchain that helps frontend developers create app backends in the cloud. With the new override capability, developers can easily configure their backend with Amplify-provided defaults but still customize fine-grained resource settings.

The new “amplify override auth” command generates a developer-configurable “overrides” TypeScript function which provides Amplify-generated resources as CDK constructs. For example, developers can set auth settings that are not directly available in the Amplify CLI workflow, such as the number of valid days for a temporary password. Developers can also customize S3 and DynamoDB resources configured through Amplify's storage category. For example, developers can run the “amplify override storage” command to enable Transfer Acceleration for Amplify-generated S3 buckets. Also new in this release, developers can modify Amplify-generated IAM roles for authenticated and unauthenticated access deployed as part of an Amplify backend's root CloudFormation stack. For example, developers can run "amplify override project" to change the authenticated and unauthenticated IAM role names to comply with organization-specific naming conventions.

Learn more about how to setup Amplify CLI’s resource overrides feature our blog post or in the Amplify documentation.