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Learn how ULA accelerated into the cloud

ULA is working with AWS ProServe to build a common landing zone for 24/7 operations. Gain insights into ULA's transformative migration from on-premises operations to the cloud. ULA is improving resiliency, scalability, security, and operational efficiency, while migrating more than 400 applications to AWS to achieve 99.9% reliability.

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Transform mission capabilities with advanced data services such as data lakes and gen AI/ML

Manage your data from satellites and ground stations in the cloud for scalable analysis and insights.


Accelerate design and save resources with cloud data storage and analysis

Advanced data analytics (AWS Sagemaker, or AWS Lambda)


Achieve high-performing, scalable satellite communications with virtualized infrastructure

Connect devices in orbit and on the ground to low-latency cloud infrastructure for next-generation applications.


Create secure networks and deploy high-powered computing in space and on the ground

Deliver advanced, high-bandwidth capabilities all the way to the tactical edge using secure infrastructure.


Exxon and Sceptor aggregate and process large amounts of data with AWS

Discover how space-based monitoring and advanced AI power emission reduction efforts

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