OSDU™ Data Platform on AWS

Transform your upstream energy data and unlock new insights with the industry's most flexible data platform and discover our affordable options.

Ecosystem Launchpad provides a fully managed OSDU™ Data Platform with software from multiple application providers, without the need for solutions integration. You can try out workflows interactively, with real data, at the push of a button.

How do geoscientists solve today’s biggest challenges in the energy industry? They use the OSDU™ Data Platform on AWS. Designed for processing multiple upstream data sets, this platform unlocks the art and science of upstream workflows by making data up to 50% more discoverable and accessible. Customers can free themselves from vendor lock in by seamlessly integrating end-to-end solutions strengthened by the most extensive partner network in the industry on AWS. With advanced machine learning and generative AI access, geoscientists can now uncover previously invisible subsurface insights and drive new ways of interacting with data to improve decision-making. These innovative technologies, backed by AWS’ security, low cost, global scale, and commitment to customer obsession, will bolster geological modeling, enable accurate exploration decisions, while minimizing a company's carbon footprint up to 88%.

Fuel your next discovery

OSDU Data Platform - Exploration
Increase operational efficiency

Geoscientists can spend up to 70% of their time searching for and managing data. With the OSDU Data Platform on AWS, you reduce this time spent managing data, so your best minds have more opportunity to focus on the next big innovation.


OSDU Data Platform - Development
Leverage application flexibility

AWS has the largest community of active OSDU Data Platform application partners. Free from vendor lock- in, your data is secure and you get to choose the best applications that fit your unique workflows.

OSDU Data Platform - Well Engineering
Uncover actionable insights

Transform decision-making with the broadest set of machine learning and AI services for your business. With AWS, machine learning models run 2x faster than other cloud providers, so you can get real-time insights from subsurface data and improve forecasts.

OSDU Data Platform - Operations
Accelerate your innovation

Significant investments in renewables give AWS an infrastructure 3.6x more energy efficient than the median surveyed enterprise data centers. That means workloads running on AWS have an 88% lower carbon footprint than comparable workloads run on premise.

The AWS Difference

Unmatched Performance

AWS offers high performance computing with the broadest and deepest set of machine learning and AI services. With low latency, increased throughput, and scalability, you’ll save on time and budget.

Fine-grained Control

Your data is securely stored in your AWS account, and you control who can access it at any given moment. With continuous monitoring for real-time security, only the right resources have the right access at all times.

Unrivaled Recognition

With best-in-class reliability (26x fewer downtime hours than the next largest cloud provider), AWS has earned the trust of more energy partners and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) than any other cloud provider.

Superior Security

AWS has the most compliance security certifications and accreditations in the market. Data is distributed in 3+ physical Availability Zones (AZs), and retrievals are as quick as 1–5 minutes.


savings per year

50 - 100x

efficiency gains


faster data search workflow

Use Cases

The OSDU Data Platform gives you the tools to liberate your data and accelerate your workflow. With fine-tuned control over business processes, you’ll reduce silos and gain access to data—creating opportunities for new field discoveries and automation of subsurface workloads.

OSDU Data Platform - Exploration


Increase efficiency of exploration with an on-demand high performance computing platform, common data repository, and collaborative geological and geophysical workflows.

OSDU Data Platform - Exploration


Improve workflow and lower operational costs. Quickly run and test simulations and use collaborative workspaces for reservoir engineering to develop plans for increased recovery.

OSDU Data Platform - Exploration

Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS)

Use the platform and ISVs to understand which reservoirs are targets for CCUS. Develop plans for energy transition and decarbonization.

See OSDU in action

Our energy partners are driving innovation with the OSDU Data Platform on AWS. Learn how these partners worked together to overcome common challenges in accessing and processing subsurface data.

Halliburton Landmark uses AWS Cloud Technology to create powerful industry solutions

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OSDU Energy Data Platform on AWS R3 Kick Off

See how our partners are driving innovations in the energy sector by putting their solutions to work with OSDU.

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