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Amazon FSx for Windows File Server Documentation HTML | PDF | GitHub

Amazon FSx API Reference HTML | PDF

Event videos

AWS re:Invent 2021: Simplify your file-based workloads with Amazon FSx (1:00:56)
re:Invent 2020: Simplify SQL Server deployments with Amazon FSx (30:39)
re:Invent 2020: Move to Managed Windows storage (18:55)
Choosing the right AWS storage for your on-premises file-based applications (31:39)
re:Invent 2020: Deep dive on Amazon FSx for Windows File Server (33:40)


Amazon Kendra Connector demo
Restoring files with shadow copies
Persistent storage for Windows containers
Introduction to FSx for Windows File Server
Working with backups
Migrating with AWS DataSync
Using DFS Namespaces
Accessing Amazon FSx from a Linux instance


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