AWS IoT - Migrations

Customers like LG, Traeger Grills, Belkin, Centrica Hive, Weissbeerger, and more quickly and easily migrated to AWS IoT

No matter your use case, AWS can help make your migration quick and easy.

As the IoT industry continually evolves and new IoT innovations become available, customers have opportunities to improve and optimize their connected device architecture and platforms for managing IoT devices. AWS has helped customers like LG, Traeger Grills, Belkin, Centrica Hive, Weissbeerger, and many others quickly and easily migrate from their homegrown or third-party IoT platforms. These customers migrated to take advantage of the security, scalability, reliability, and breadth and depth of AWS IoT services. 

If you are interested in migrating to AWS IoT or would like to discuss your use case with an AWS expert, contact our team to schedule time to walk through your use case. As part of the call, AWS experts can present and walk you through best practices and programs that can help you plan and execute a successful migration, as well as ways AWS and AWS Partners can do the heavy lifting to accelerate your platform migration.

On Demand Webinar: IoT Platform Migrations Made Easy with AWS IoT (50:16)

Why Migrate to AWS IoT

Multi-layered security

AWS IoT offers services for all layers of security, including preventive security mechanisms, like encryption and access control to device data, and a service to continuously monitor and audit configurations.

Proven at scale

AWS IoT is built on a secure and proven cloud infrastructure, and scales to billions of devices and trillions of messages. AWS IoT integrates with other AWS services, so you can build complete solutions.

Superior AI & voice

AWS brings AI and IoT together to make devices more intelligent. You can create models in the cloud and deploy them to devices where they run 2x faster compared to other offerings. You can also easily add Amazon Alexa voice to devices connected to AWS IoT.

Increased agility

AWS has broad and deep fully managed IoT services, from the edge to the cloud, that provide the IoT infrastructure required to connect, manage, and add intelligence to IoT devices and applications. This enables you to focus efforts on accelerating your time to innovation with new products.

Customers worldwide accelerate success with AWS IoT

Common IoT platform migration scenarios

Next Gen Migration

Home Automation

In next gen device migrations, you create a new IoT platform based on AWS IoT to power your new, or next generation, devices and maintain your existing IoT platform for legacy active, or brownfield, devices. The legacy IoT platform is retired when devices reach the end of their life.

Brownfield Migration

Home Security & Monitoring

In brownfield migrations, firmware on your brownfield (active) devices is updated and replaced with a new IoT platform that connects to AWS IoT services. All new development and features are focused on the new IoT platform, and the legacy platform is retired once the migration is completed. 

Hybrid Migration

Home Network Management

In the hybrid scenario, you migrate to a new IoT platform for next gen and new product iterations. Old or brownfield devices are not 100% migrated to the new IoT platform, and the legacy IoT platform is maintained with features such as improved security layers, new ingest data paths, secure tunneling, and more.