Harness Data Quality to Improve Overall ROI and Increase Revenue. Quality data is vital to decision making and planning for almost every enterprise. Within an organization, acceptable data quality is important to operational and transactional processes. Data quality can be affected by the way data is entered, stored, and managed. Data quality solutions provides functionality that allows enterprises to effectively manage data quality by assessing, transforming, and monitoring data. Some of the benefits for using data quality tools include:

  • Automatically generating the mappings that businesses can use to correct data. These mappings are based on rules that businesses choose to apply to the data.
  • Enabling businesses to include data quality and data profiling as an integral part of the data integration process.
  • Storing metadata regarding the quality of the data alongside the actual data. The scope of your metadata management defines how you capture and represent your data lineage—giving you an audit trail which can be as granular or high level as you like.
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xDM - Intelligent Master Data Management

emarchy designed xDM as the world's first fully-functional Master Data Management (MDM) solution to bring material design and a truly agile business-driven solution to the enterprise. Owing to the algebraic concept that "x" can be anything, xDM is unique in its breadth of ability to master any kind of data -- customer B2B and B2C data, product data, reference data, metadata, location, organization, supplier, etc. As such, xDM is a true evolution of the Semarchy multi-vector MDM solution for integration, management, and governance of enterprise information. This approach, which is implemented in an iterative fashion, to how and who manages master data and reference data, resolves the most pressing challenge of data-driven organizations, which is to give more control to business users.

Omni-Gen Master Data Management (MDM) Edition

Imagine analytics so intuitive, anyone in your company could easily create personalized reports and dynamic dashboards to explore vast amounts of data and find meaningful insights. And imagine if this could be done while ensuring accuracy and reliability of data and analytics. That's Qlik Sense Enterprise a revolutionary visual analytics platform that supports self-service visualization, guided analytics apps and dashboards, embedded analytics, and reporting, all within a governed framework that offers enterprise scalability and trust for IT.

TIBCO Clarity

TIBCO Clarity is the data cleaning and standardization component of the TIBCO Software System. It serves as a single solution for business users to handle massive messy data across various applications and systems, such as TIBCO Jaspersoft, Spotfire, Marketo and Salesforce. The quality of data impacts your decision-making. So data coming from external sources such as SaaS applications or partners needs to be validated before used in systems. TIBCO Clarity makes it easy for business users to profile, standardize, and transform data so that trends can be identified and smart decisions can be made quickly. TIBCO Clarity provides an easy-to-use Web environment, and since its a cloud-based subscription service, it only requires an investment relative to the usage of the service.

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