PayIt Uses AWS GovCloud (US) to Help the State of Kansas Deliver Services, Connect with Citizens

PayIt is an APN Select Technology Partner

Secure Platform Simplifies Government Services

PayIt provides a digital platform that citizens can use to interact with federal, state, and local government services. The company’s tagline sums up its mission: government simplified. “The PayIt story centers on providing an easy way for the public to interact with government. We try to remove all the complexity and friction from those interactions by putting anything and everything that has to do with government in the palm of a citizen’s hand,” says Mike Wons, chief client officer for PayIt.

There are four components to the PayIt platform. A digital wallet contains the citizen’s unique identity, preferences, history, and official documents. The UI-based chat function helps people navigate the platform. A checkout function provides Level 1 Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance and processes billions of dollars of transactions securely on behalf of the public and the government. The platform also offers administrative tools and analytics that government employees can use to perform work and track user interaction data and experiences.

PayIt is an AWS Partner Network (APN) Select Technology Partner and a member of the AWS Public Sector Partner Program. Its platform is built on a microservices architecture and runs securely on AWS GovCloud (US). AWS GovCloud (US) Regions are isolated and designed to host sensitive data and regulated workloads for US governments and commercial organizations that must meet stringent US government security and compliance requirements. They are operated by employees who are US citizens on US soil, and account holders must be US citizens or green card holders. That high level of security appeals to the government agencies that PayIt works with. “We developed the PayIt solution natively in AWS GovCloud as part of our core strategy,” says Wons. “We knew it would significantly differentiate us in the marketplace.”

Mobile-Enabled Platform Meshes Seamlessly with Legacy Systems

In 2015, the State of Kansas convened a group of CIOs from the state’s agencies to discuss ways to best support future growth. The group felt the state needed a true mobile-enabled solution that would be available to all its agencies. The state issued an RFP and PayIt submitted a proposal. “PayIt presented the plan we were looking for. Its use of AWS GovCloud provided the security and elasticity we needed to ensure a safe environment,” says Lee Allen, who served as chief information technology officer for the State of Kansas during this project.

Like many government entities, the State of Kansas provides hundreds of services to citizens and residents over a complex array of channels and venues. Websites, call centers, in-person office visits, email, standard mail—the public interacts with governments through multiple channels that don’t typically recognize the citizen as a unique user with an established history. Additionally, legacy systems that support government functions behind the scenes add to the complexity that most of the public remains unaware of. The PayIt mobile interface seamlessly meshes with legacy systems, providing a simple, modern user interface. To reduce complexity and enhance user experience, PayIt created the iKan app, the official app for the State of Kansas, where users can access a suite of services via a single sign-in.

“We developed the PayIt solution natively in AWS GovCloud as part of our core strategy. We knew it would significantly differentiate us in the marketplace.”

- Mike Wons, Chief Client Officer, PayIt

Online Renewals Ease DMV Pressure

The first issue that the state decided to tackle involved the Kansas Department of Revenue, which needed to streamline its vehicle services. State DMVs found themselves unable to efficiently manage office visit volume for obtaining and renewing registrations. The first function added to the iKan app was the ability to renew vehicle registration remotely. PayIt deployed this function in less than 60 days. “We were one of the first states in the US to offer vehicle registration renewal over a mobile app,” says Allen. “That attracted a lot of public attention and interest to the iKan platform.”

The new function benefited the public as well as DMV workers. “The ability to renew online means members of the public don’t have to take time off work or stand in long lines. And if they must visit the DMV, wait times are shorter. It also means state employees can be more efficient and effective because their day-to-day workload is manageable,” says Allen.

During the vehicle registration process, users also have the option to purchase an annual pass for state parks. By simply reminding app users about the pass option, the state has realized an additional $400,000 in revenue from vehicle pass sales.

Moving beyond innovation for the state DMV, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment Office of Vital Statistics now allows the public to order birth, marriage, divorce, and death certificates online. That service includes a will-call feature, meaning a person can order a document and pick it up from the office within hours. This same-day service is crucial in circumstances where someone needs those vital records to expedite passport processing or for emergencies.

The Viability of the Cloud to Empower Government Tech

Since launching iKan in early 2018, 445,000 accounts have been created and the state has processed 850,000 transactions. “PayIt has enabled the cloud conversation across the entire State of Kansas government,” says Allen. “It’s normalizing the cloud as a viable option for delivering government service. The iKan app is secure and reliable, and it strengthens our relationships with Kansans.”

“iKan has enabled the State of Kansas to become a leader in government technology,” says Wons. “By leveraging the security, function, and scale of AWS GovCloud, PayIt is helping state agencies simplify government and engage with the public in a modern way.”

About the State of Kansas

The State of Kansas provides hundreds of services to citizens and residents of Kansas. In recent years, CIOs from the state’s various agencies have worked together to consolidate and modernize the state’s IT operations in an effort to update, simplify, and improve services provided by the state.


  • Simplified public interaction with government services
  • Deployed online and mobile license renewal app in less than 60 days
  • Gained $400,000 in revenue with a DMV reminder about purchasing a state park pass
  • Created 445,000 iKan accounts and processed 850,000 transactions since launch


AWS Services Used

About PayIt

PayIt provides a digital payment and service platform used by federal, state, and local governments. The platform simplifies doing business with government agencies and makes customer interactions more modern, convenient, and mobile.

Published October 2019