I am using a number of different AWS resources, and I want to compare my AWS resource usage to best practices. Is there a tool for that?

AWS Trusted Advisor inspects your AWS environment and makes recommendations when opportunities exist to save money, improve system performance and reliability, or help close security gaps. Some Trusted Advisor checks are only available to customers with Business Support and Enterprise Support, though some are available to all AWS customers. For a list of available checks, see Trusted Advisor Best Practices (Checks).

To access Trusted Advisor, sign in to your AWS account and open the AWS Trusted Advisor console. The checks available to you are grouped by Cost Optimization, Performance, Security, and Fault Tolerance. Each check has a color-coded status, indicating whether corrective action is recommended:

  • A green status indicates that there are no issues, or that your infrastructure currently meets or exceeds our best practices.
  • A yellow status indicates that investigation is recommended.
  • A red status indicates that immediate action is recommended.

Each time you visit the AWS Trusted Advisor console, any checks that haven't been refreshed in the last 24 hours are automatically refreshed, which can take a few minutes. If you make changes to your infrastructure based on Trusted Advisor's recommendations, you can refresh the checks again manually by choosing the refresh arrows in the upper-right corner of the dashboard. If you'd like to refresh a specific check, choose the refresh arrows next to the name of that check.

You can use the AWS Trusted Advisor console, or you can automate report retrieval by using the AWS Support API (available for Business Support or Enterprise Support customers), the AWS SDKs, or the AWS Command Line Interface.

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Published: 2014-07-03

Updated: 2017-09-27