I am unable to launch an Amazon RDS DB instance in an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). The VPC that I want to use is not available as a choice in the Launch RDS Instance wizard.

A VPC must meet specific requirements before RDS can use it, indicated by the availability of the VPC in the Launch RDS Instance wizard.

To launch an RDS DB instance in a particular VPC, ensure that the VPC meets these requirements:

  • The VPC must have at least one subnet in at least two of the Availability Zones in the region where you want to deploy your DB instance. For detailed information about creating a VPC with one or more subnets, see the section To create a VPC for use with an Aurora DB cluster in Create a VPC and Subnets.
  • You must create a DB subnet group that contains the VPC and subnet information for the VPC you created. You can create a DB subnet group via the AWS RDS console by selecting Subnet Groups. For more information, see Create an RDS Subnet Group and Working with DB Subnet Groups.
  • If you want your RDS DB instance to be publicly accessible, you must enable the DNS Hostnames and DNS Resolution attributes of your VPC, as described in Updating DNS Support for Your VPC.

The most common scenarios for using a VPC are documented in Scenarios for Using Amazon VPC. Each of these scenario topics has a link to a detailed explanation of the scenario. Each topic includes a section called Implementing the Scenario that gives you instructions on how to create a VPC for that scenario. For detailed instructions on creating a VPC, see the Amazon VPC User Guide.

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Published: 2015-11-03