G6 Hospitality Innovates on Behalf of Its Guests Using AWS


G6 Hospitality owns, operates, and franchises nearly 1,400 economy lodging locations under the Motel 6 and Studio 6 brands in the United States and Canada. According to Rob Palleschi, Chief Executive Officer at G6 Hospitality, the company needed a consistent and agile platform to expand its capabilities to innovate on behalf of its over 45 million yearly guests. “Hospitality has traditionally been considered as a laggard; for us, we believe that we’ve shifted that paradigm,” says John Laplante, Chief Information Officer at G6 Hospitality. “What Amazon Web Services has been able to offer us moves us into the next generation as it relates to hoteliers and brings the industry forward to leverage the cloud and innovate in ways that we’ve never been able to before.” As a result, G6 Hospitality is able to ensure a seamless, connected, and more personalized experience for its guests, while saving money.

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G6 Hospitality Innovates on Behalf of Its Guests Using AWS (2:01)

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