Posted On: Dec 13, 2018

AWS customers can now access Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) from their Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) using VPC endpoints, without using public IPs, and without needing to traverse the public internet. VPC endpoints for Amazon SQS are powered by AWS PrivateLink, a highly available, scalable technology that enables you to privately connect your VPC to supported AWS services.

Amazon VPC endpoints are easy to configure. They also provide reliable connectivity to Amazon SQS without requiring an internet gateway, Network Address Translation (NAT) instance, VPN connection, or AWS Direct Connect connection. With VPC endpoints, the data between your Amazon VPC and Amazon SQS queue is transferred within the Amazon network, helping protect your instances from internet traffic.

Amazon SQS is a fully managed message queuing service that enables you to decouple and scale microservices, distributed systems, and serverless applications. SQS eliminates the complexity and overhead associated with managing and operating message-oriented middleware, and empowers developers to focus on differentiating work. Using SQS, you can send, store, and receive messages between software components at any volume, without losing messages or requiring other services to be available.

Get started with SQS in minutes using the AWS Console, Command Line Interface, or SDK of your choice, and three simple commands.

For information on pricing and availability of VPC endpoints in your region, please see AWS PrivateLink Pricing.

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