Simplified tenant usage tracking

Collect and aggregate metering data of your tenant resource usage from the source of your choice. You can use native AWS service, or AWS SDKs, to track the tenant usage, or choose your own 3rd party logging agents and submit tenant metadata to AWS Application Cost Profiler.

Scalable usage correlation with billing

Automatically correlate your tenants’ resource usage across multiple usage dimensions for different resource deployment patterns with AWS cost line items, including your special pricing and discounts for all AWS resources.

Managed reporting capabilities

Generate raw data with multi-dimensional reporting capability for programmatic consumption. Get reports with hourly granularity on a daily or monthly basis, to build insights that best meet your business needs.

Getting Started

You can get started with AWS Application Cost profiler by accessing Application Cost Profiler console. There, you can enable the reports that will be generated based on the metering data collected, and configure the frequency that the report is generated. AWS Application Cost profiler reports are generated with data in the hourly granularity. As a prerequisite to generate AWS Application Cost Profiler reports, you also need to report the tenant meter data in required format and required frequency.

For more information about the AWS Application Cost Profiler, please refer the documentation here.

Application Cost Profiler accepts tenant metadata in file format, through a provisioned S3 location. The output file must be comma separated values (CSV), which includes Application identifiers, Tenant Identifiers, Duration of Tenant interaction with resources, and Resource identifiers. Below is the format as an example:

ApplicationId,TenantId,TenantDesc,UsageAccountId,StartTime,EndTime,ResourceId MyApp,Tenant1,,123456789012,1613681437032.9001,1613681437041.5312,arn:aws:ec2:useast-1:123456789012:instance/1234-abcd-example-1234 MyApp,Tenant2,,123456789012,1613681245531.4426,1613681245551.1323,arn:aws:ec2:useast-1:123456789012:instance/1234-abcd-example-1234 MyApp,Tenant1,,123456789012,1613681904815.3381,1613681904930.0972,arn:aws:ec2:useast-1:123456789012:instance/1234-abcd-example-1234 MyApp,Tenant2,,123456789012,1613681904765.1956,1613681904946.574,arn:aws:ec2:useast-1:123456789012:instance/1234-abcd-example-1234

Once usage information is shared to AWS Application Cost Profiler, customers can access unified data through provisioned S3, which customers can then integrate with your own analytical tool for programmatic consumption.

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