AWS Application Cost Profiler

AWS Application Cost Profiler allows you to measure AWS costs for software applications shared by multiple end customers. You can view and report on AWS costs for the shared software applications by individual end customer.

As part of the AWS Free Usage Tier, you can get started with AWS Application Cost Profiler for free. Upon sign-up, you get first 30 GB of Application Cost Profiler output details, free. After free tier, you are charged by size of your AWS Application Cost Profiler output details generated at the rate of $5 per GB, every month.

Pricing example:

AWS Application Cost Profiler computes the cost information broken down at the tenant level and delivers a report (either at daily or monthly cadence) to the S3 bucket designated by the payer account. You will be charged once a month. Let's say at the end of the first month, the total size of the AWS Application Cost Profiler Report File is 100GB, then the first monthly charge for this payer account will be:

The rate is $5 per GB.

100 GB – 30 free tier GB = 70 First Month billable GB

First Month charges = 70GB * $5/GB = $350

For subsequent month, the monthly charge will be:

Monthly Charges = 100GB * $5/GB = $500

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