Amazon DynamoDB Standard-IA

Reduce costs by up to 60% for infrequently accessed data

The Amazon DynamoDB Standard Infrequent Access (DynamoDB Standard-IA) table class helps you reduce your DynamoDB costs by up to 60% for tables that store data that is infrequently accessed. The DynamoDB Standard-IA table class is ideal for use cases that require long-term storage of data that is infrequently accessed, such as application logs, old social media posts, ecommerce order history, and past gaming achievements.

The DynamoDB Standard-IA table class offers lower storage costs than the DynamoDB Standard tables, making it the most cost-effective option for tables with storage as the dominant table cost. The DynamoDB Standard table class offers lower throughput costs than the DynamoDB Standard-IA table class. DynamoDB Standard is your default table class and the most cost-effective option for the vast majority of workloads. To learn more about DynamoDB Standard-IA pricing, see the DynamoDB pricing page.

You can switch between DynamoDB Standard and DynamoDB Standard-IA table classes with no impact on table performance, durability, or availability and without changing your application code. For more information about using table classes, see the DynamoDB Developer Guide.

Amazon DynamoDB Standard-Infrequent Access launch recap with the team at re:Invent 2021


Optimize for cost

Optimize the costs of your DynamoDB workloads based on your tables’ storage requirements and data access patterns.

Same performance, durability, and data availability

DynamoDB Standard-IA tables offer the same performance, durability, and availability as DynamoDB Standard tables.

No management overhead

Manage table classes using the AWS Management Console, AWS CloudFormation, or the AWS CLI/SDK.

Use cases

Retain older social media posts

Social media users expect posts, even older ones, to be immediately available when requested. DynamoDB Standard-IA tables let you retain all posts at a lower cost, with the same benefits as DynamoDB Standard tables.

Retain ecommerce order history

Customers occasionally want to look up an older order to repurchase an item or get product information. With DynamoDB Standard-IA, you can retain historical customer orders at a lower cost.

Retain gaming achievements

Game players collect trophies and expect to be able to access both new and old achievements as desired. DynamoDB Standard-IA lets you retain all this data at a reduced cost.

Customer Stories

Samsung cloud

Samsung Cloud

“Samsung Cloud provides a smooth backup, sync, restore, and upgrade experience for all your Galaxy devices. We use Amazon DynamoDB as a metadata index for the petabytes of voice recordings, notes, and contacts stored in Amazon S3. We chose DynamoDB for its fast performance, high durability, and serverless scaling. Some of our DynamoDB workloads store historical data and are used less frequently than others. We lowered our costs more than 30% by switching these workloads to DynamoDB Standard-Infrequent Access tables. Since there was no new code to write, and no tradeoffs for performance, durability, or scalability, we were able to make the change quickly with no impact to the customer experience.”

JeongHun Kim, Database Engineer, Samsung Cloud

Mercado Libre

Mercado Libre

“Amazon DynamoDB Standard-IA will provide us with the ability to store our users’ infrequently accessed data at a significant cost savings, while continuing to deliver for our users by maintaining the same high performance, accessibility, and reliability we’ve come to expect from Amazon DynamoDB.”

Oscar Mullin, Director of IT – Core Services SRE & DBA Head, Mercado Libre



“The ability to simplify the management and access to our long-term data storage while still benefiting from DynamoDB performance, durability, and data availability with the DynamoDB Standard-IA table class could help us further optimize costs and provide an even better user experience to our customers.”

Ofir Nir, Head of Data Infrastructure, Singular


Jungle Scout

“The ability to switch between DynamoDB table classes without any code changes will allow us to easily optimize our costs as we scale and focus our engineering efforts on the features our customers require as they grow their business.”

Regan Wolfrom, DevSecOps and Builder Tools Manager, Jungle Scout

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Read the Developer Guide

Learn more about managing table classes in the DynamoDB Developer Guide.

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Learn more about DynamoDB pricing in the DynamoDB pricing page
Visit the DynamoDB pricing page

Learn more about DynamoDB pricing on the DynamoDB pricing page.

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Get started with Amazon DynamoDB Standard-IA in the AWS Management Console.

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