Hobbyist Builder

What is a Hobbyist Builder?

A hobbyist builder includes a wide spectrum of customers, ranging from any individual working on a side project, to a blogger creating a personal website, to a web pro building websites. Hobbyist builders are passionate about their projects, but don't want to worry about cloud management. AWS enables hobbyist builders to focus on their applications, and leave the cloud management to us. This group belongs to those who want to get started in the cloud in the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way possible.

What Will I Learn?

Quickly launch web application

Deploy a web application with Amazon Lightsail's pre-configured application bundles. These bundles provide you with all the cloud resources you need so you can quickly launch your web application.

Scale your application

Learn how to scale your application for better performance with services like simplified load balancing and managed databases. Once your applications are running at scale, you can set up monitoring and alarms to ensure it is performing as expected.

Expand application capabilities

Expand the capabilities of your Amazon Lightsail application by seamlessly integrating it with other AWS services and features, such as IAM roles, S3, and RDS.

Get Started!

This tutorial will teach you how to build a simple WordPress website, then scale it to become highly available.
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