When you use AWS Mobile, you pay only for the underlying AWS services you use. There are no additional charges for using the AWS Mobile Hub or the Mobile SDKs. AWS services are priced separately based on usage. Each service has a free tier available.

Feature Free Usage Tier
More Information
Secure Authentication
50,000 monthly active users Amazon Cognito
Database 25 GB indexed data storage
200M requests/month  
Amazon DynamoDB
Cloud API 1,000,000 API calls
400,000 GB-seconds of compute time
(per month for 1 year)
Amazon API Gateway
 Amazon Lambda
10 GB cloud sync store
1,000,000 sync operations
(per month for 1 year)
Amazon S3
Amazon Cognito Sync
 Bots 10,000 text requests (in)
5,000 speech requests (in)
5,000,000 speech marks requests (out)
(per month for 1 year)
Amazon Lex
Messaging & Analytics
5,000 targeted users
1M push notifications
100M analytics events
(per month, perpetual)
Amazon Pinpoint
Hosting & Streaming
5 GB file storage
50Gb data transfer
2,000,000 HTTP and HTTPS requests
(per month for 1 year)
Amazon S3
Amazon Cognito Sync

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