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With the AWS Panorama Device Software Development Kit (SDK), manufacturers can build new edge appliances and smart cameras that enable computer vision (CV) models at the edge.

Device manufacturers can enable a wide array of edge gateways and smart cameras with AWS Panorama using the AWS Panorama Device SDK. These edge gateways and smart cameras from leading device manufacturers, powered by AWS Panorama, will allow customers to satisfy their unique edge computer vision use cases across transportation and logistics, travel, manufacturing, and other industry segments. Lenovo, ADLINK Technology, Axis Communications, Basler AG, STANLEY Security, and VIVOTEK are using the AWS Panorama Device SDK to build Panorama devices.

The AWS Panorama Device SDK provides device manufacturers with a device software stack for computer vision, sample code, APIs, and tools to enable and test their respective device for AWS Panorama service. Once ready, device manufacturers will work with the AWS Panorama team to finalize the integration of the AWS Panorama Device SDK and run certification tests ahead of their commercial launch, thus providing device manufactures time-to-value advantage.

The AWS Panorama Device SDK currently supports the NVIDIA Jetson product family.

To become a device partner and build an ecosystem of edge appliances (similar to AWS Panorama Appliance) and smart cameras powered by AWS Panorama using AWS Panorama Device SDK, visit the AWS Panorama Partners page.

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