AWS Infrastructure Event Management

Support for planning and running business critical events

AWS Infrastructure Event Management (IEM) offers architecture and scaling guidance and operational support during the preparation and execution of planned events, such as shopping holidays, product launches, and migrations. For these events, AWS Infrastructure Event Management will help you assess operational readiness, identify and mitigate risks, and execute your event confidently with AWS experts by your side. The program is included in the Enterprise Support plan and is available to Business Support customers for an additional fee.

Learn how Space Ape uses AWS Infrastructure Event Management for its game launches (1:09)

Launch and Migrate with Confidence

AWS experts lead a highly focused engagement to provide you with architectural and operational guidance for your planned event using a prescriptive, phased approach:

  1. We work with you to understand your success criteria and desired business outcome.
  2. We assess the readiness of your AWS environment, help identify and mitigate risks, and document your plan.
  3. You confidently execute your event with AWS experts by your side.
  4. We help analyze results post-event and scale services to normal operating levels, so you can focus on planning your next event.

How It Works