Cloud Migration Factory on AWS

Coordinate and automate large-scale migrations to the AWS Cloud


With Cloud Migration Factory on AWS, customers can improve performance and prevent long cutover windows by automating manual processes and integrating multiple tools efficiently. This is possible through this solution's orchestration platform options. We recommend AWS Application Migration Services (MGN) to migrate your workloads to AWS at scale. Today, this solution is used by AWS Professional Services, AWS Partners, and other enterprises.



Migrate multiple servers to the AWS Cloud

Simplify, expedite, and reduce the cost of cloud migration through an automated lift-and-shift solution.

Automate small, manual tasks for large migrations

Automate the small manual tasks inherent in large migrations, so you can migrate more quickly and efficiently, and reduce the opportunity for human error.

Manage migrations using a web interface

Manage application and server schema definitions and update wave, application, and server metadata.

Monitor migration progress

See the progress of your migration with a migration tracker and visualize migration metadata using Amazon QuickSight.

Technical details

This solution is an orchestration platform powered by AWS Application Migration Service for rehosting servers to AWS at scale. The solution is designed to coordinate and automate many of the manual processes involved with migration, helping customers with their medium-scale to large-scale migrations.

Introduction to Serverless Development

This course will orient you to key serverless concepts to help you start developing serverless applications. You will learn how development best practices you already use in server-based development apply to serverless development, and how to adjust your development processes for serverless application development.

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AWS MGN - A Technical Introduction

In this course, you will learn key concepts, basic architecture, and implementation approaches for AWS MGN. A step-by-step walk-through guides you through the entire process of performing a migration with AWS MGN. This training is recommended if you are actively working on migration projects with the service or are assisting customers in doing so.

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Large-Scale Migrations
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