Cost Optimizer for Amazon WorkSpaces

Monitor Amazon WorkSpaces usage and optimize costs


This solution analyzes all of your Amazon WorkSpaces usage data and automatically converts the WorkSpace to the most cost-effective billing option (hourly or monthly), depending on your individual usage. You can use this solution with a single account, or with AWS Organizations across multiple accounts, to help you monitor your WorkSpace usage and optimize costs.


Automatic WorkSpaces conversion

Automatically convert your WorkSpaces to the most cost-effective billing option (hourly or monthly), depending on your individual usage. If desired, you can apply a resource tag to individual WorkSpaces to exclude them from automatic conversions.

Monitor your WorkSpaces usage

Monitor your WorkSpace usage and optimize costs by using AWS CloudFormation to automatically provision and configure the necessary AWS services to convert individual WorkSpaces.

Secure one-click deployment

Provide a secure one-click deployment using an AWS CloudFormation template developed with the AWS Well-Architected Framework methodologies.

Technical details

Cost Optimizer for Amazon WorkSpaces calculates hourly WorkSpace usage once per day, just before midnight GMT. If the WorkSpace exceeds the hourly usage threshold, the solution will convert the WorkSpace from hourly to monthly billing. If usage exceeds the threshold after the nightly calculation, the WorkSpace will not be converted until usage is calculated the following night.

You can manually change the billing model at any time using the Amazon WorkSpaces console. For customers who want to change the threshold for when each Workspace converts from hourly to monthly billing, the solution’s AWS CloudFormation template includes parameters that will execute these conversions. For more information, see Billing model conversion in the solution implementation guide.

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