AWS Wavelength

Build and deploy applications locally that meet your data residency and low latency needs.

Build next-generation applications without any learning curve using familiar AWS services, APIs, and tools.

Meet your data residency needs ensuring sensitive data stays within geographic boundaries.

Run low-latency applications embedding AWS compute and storage services within your geography.

Develop applications once and scale deployments worldwide to other Wavelength zones effortlessly.

How it works

AWS Wavelength helps you build and deploy applications that meet your data residency, security, and low-latency requirements leveraging AWS services and APIs for digital transformation and using familiar tools for automation, deployments, security, and operational consistency enabling you to support telecom, finance, public sector, healthcare, and gaming use cases.

Use cases

Increase data residency compliance

Build applications on Wavelength using granular data residency controls, providing further choice to help you meet stringent data residency requirements, such as in-country for regulatory, contractual, or security reasons.

Accelerate ML inference at the edge

Run artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) driven video and image analytics at the edge enabling real-time decisions in medical diagnostics, retail, and smart factory settings.

Enable low latency for real-time gaming

Minimize latency for users by leveraging Wavelength. By running latency-sensitive components of your game directly on Wavelength infrastructure, ensure a consistent and responsive gaming experience for all players, regardless of their device or geographical location.

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