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  • Getting Started with Big Data on AWS (Level 100)

    With hundreds of new and sometimes disparate tools, it’s hard to keep pace. Amazon Web Services provides a broad and fully integrated portfolio of cloud computing services to help you build, secure and deploy your big data applications. Attend this webinar to get an overview of the different big data options available in the AWS Cloud – including popular big data frameworks such as Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL databases, and more.

    Learn about ideal use cases, cases to avoid, performance, interfaces, and more. Finally, learn how you can build valuable applications with a real-life example.


    面對日新月異的大數據工具,有時候很難跟上這節奏。有鑑於此,Amazon Web Services提供了廣泛而完善的雲端運算服務組合,幫助您構建、維護和部署大數據應用程式。

    這場線上研討會,將為各位深入淺出介紹AWS 雲端平台提供的各種大數據選項,包括現正流行的大數據框架,如Hadoop、Spark、NoSQL數據庫等,同時透過使用案例來瞭解最佳實踐方式。最後,您將了解如何應用這些工具服務,將大數據導入您的現實應用程式中。

    Learning Objectives:

    • Learn about big data tools available at AWS
    • Understand ideal use cases
    • Learn some of the key considerations such as performance, scalability, elasticity and availability, when selecting big data tools



    Dickson Yue, Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services

    Dickson has been working for Amazon Web Services across Hong Kong and Taiwan with a strong focus on building resilient, scalable, secure and cost effective application architectures. He assisted key customers building platforms that align revenue model and scale with their business. In Dickson’s beliefs, continuous innovation is required to survive in all businesses. It is the reason he helped customer to adopt new technologies around IoT and big data solutions.  Prior to his AWS time, Dickson was responsible to lead a technology team in a digital marketing company assisting APAC customer to execute digital strategy.

    Getting Started with AWS Big Data Tools
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