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  • AWS Storage Stage of Union

    In this session, learn about all of the AWS storage solutions, and get guidance about which ones to use for different use cases. We discuss the core AWS storage services. These include Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Glacier, Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS), and Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS). We also discuss data transfer services such as AWS Snowball, Snowball Edge, and AWS Snowmobile, and hybrid storage solutions such as AWS Storage Gateway.

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    在這場線上研討會中,您可以了解所有 AWS 的存儲解決方案,並認識關於不同案例的指導。 我們將討論核心的 AWS 存儲服務,包括 Amazon Simple Storage Service(Amazon S3)、Amazon Glacier,、Amazon Elastic File System(Amazon EFS)和 Amazon Elastic Block Store(Amazon EBS)。 我們亦會探討 AWS Snowball,Snowball Edge 和 AWS Snowmobile 等數據傳輸服務以及 AWS Storage Gateway 等混合存儲解決方案。

    按此了解更多 AWS Cloud Storage 的資訊。


    Amy Tung, Business Development Manager, Amazon Web Services

    Amy has been working for Amazon Web Services with a strong focus on assisting customers to adopt AWS Cloud. She specializes in helping customers define their cloud strategy and adoption roadmap. She helps customers to navigate their cloud Journey and ensures that they realize their returns through cloud transformation. Amy believes learn and be curious is a must to survive in this fast-moving technology world. She is passionate about applying technologies to business problems in order to bring value and insight to customers.

    AWS Storage Stage of Union
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