Getting started with Amazon Web Services is fast and easy. Whether you are brand new to AWS and need to start learning how to use AWS services, or you are an experienced user who just needs a template to launch your latest website, AWS provides you to tools, information, and guidance to get you started.

Learn how to start your web application stack on AWS through self-paced labs, video demonstrations, and getting started guides. These materials will take you through the process of actually setting up a web server so you know exactly what you need to get your website going.

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Take advantage of development tools and preconfigured deployment templates from both AWS and AWS partners.  Select from multiple applications, platforms, and sizes of deployment to meet your websites needs. Find the resources you need to get your website built and launched.

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WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. The links below deploy WordPress in your AWS account using CloudFormation bootstrap scripts.

To learn more about running WordPress on AWS you can read the WordPress: Best Practices on AWS whitepaper.

Single EC2 instance with local MySQL database Launch
Single EC2 instance web server with Amazon RDS database instance Launch
Highly-available web server with Multi-AZ Amazon RDS instance Launch
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Elastic Beanstalk can provision resources and deploy your website for you. Elastic Beanstalk can also automatically scale your website so you can spend your time focusing on your site and not your servers.

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