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AWS Tools for PowerShell Webinar
Migration to AWS Webinar - Featuring BlueMetal

AWS Windows Principal Product Manager Scott Roberts demonstrates using Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 as a Network Address Translation (NAT) device and the Microsoft DirectAccess Windows Server role. Resources such as AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio and AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell are used to automate the deployments. The target audience for this webinar is IT infrastructure administrators and developer operations personnel.

The AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell let you manage your AWS services from the Windows PowerShell scripting environment. In this webinar, AWS Solutions Architect Mike Pfeiffer provides an introduction for managing key AWS services them with PowerShell. He also covers the techniques used to automate routine tasks AWS administrators must regularly perform.

The sample scripts are available here.

Giorgio Pironi, managing architect at BlueMetal, a technology architecture firm and a member of the Amazon Partner Network, discusses modernizing your applications when moving your data center to the AWS Cloud. Microsoft has announced that July 30, 2015, is the end of support for Windows Server 2003. This affects customers since there will be no patches or security updates, putting applications and business at risk. This webinar covers considerations and best practices for creating a composed solution when moving off of Windows Server 2003 and migrating your data center and applications to the cloud.

Slides available here.

Migration to AWS Webinar - Featuring Neudesic
Webinar_Datacenter Migartion_Nimbo

This webinar, presented by Jason Masterman, Distinguished Engineer at Neudesic, an Amazon Partner Network (APN) Premier Consulting Partner, covers data center migration to the AWS Cloud. We focus on Windows Server 2003 end of support, which is scheduled for July 2015. This is a great opportunity to move your workloads to the cloud and get on a newer operating system. We cover migration strategies as well as best practices and considerations for moving your data center to the cloud. This webinar is intended for IT professionals, developers, and solution architects.

In this webinar, AWS and Nimbo, an Advanced Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network, discuss moving your datacenter to the AWS Cloud. We feature a real world example that illustrates how this can be achieved both quickly and smoothly. Hess Corporation recently moved part of its infrastructure to the cloud, to prepare for a business divestiture. Relying on consultation from enterprise cloud solution provider Nimbo, the migration was completed securely, in about half the time it would have taken in an on-premises environment.

Windows Server 2003 end of extended support is more than a simple technical definition involving the cessation of updates published by Microsoft. For many industries, using an operating system that is no longer supported places them in legal jeopardy. Another reality for companies is that many attacks these days do not originate from external locations, but are instead launched inadvertently, or deliberately, from inside the perimeter network.

In this hour-long webinar, you will learn about what end of extended support actually means, how running an unsupported operating system might expose your organization to fines and litigation, how running an unsupported operating system might block some customers from being able to do business with your organization, and why placing an unsupported operating system on a heavily screened subject does not remove the risks that the computer might be compromised by attackers.

Webinar-RDGateway on AWS

This webinar discusses the steps necessary to design, set up, and deploy IT cloud infrastructure for running a multi-server, Microsoft SharePoint Server farm on AWS. In this webinar we also cover how to architect for high availability and provision the relevant AWS services and resources to run SharePoint Server workloads at scale on the AWS Cloud. This webinar is designed for a technical audience.

In this webinar, Matt Tavis, AWS Principal Solutions Architect, reviews our new Remote Desktop Gateway Reference Implementation Guide which will help you deploy Remote Desktop Gateway on AWS in about an hour. Included is an overview of the reference architecture and best practices for securely accessing your Windows-based instances using the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) for remote administration. Also provided are AWS CloudFormation templates to help automate deployment.

AWS Principal Solutions Architect Matt Tavis discusses high availability features for Microsoft Windows Server and SQL Server running on the AWS cloud. Windows Server Failover Clustering (WSFC) and SQL AlwaysOn Availability Groups are part of the underpinnings for many enterprise-class solutions, including Microsoft SharePoint and .NET applications. We walk through an example implementation and share templates and sample code to help you deploy high availability architectures. This on-demand event is geared for a technical audience.