With Amazon WorkSpaces, you pay only for what you use. You are charged based on the bundle type and the number of Amazon WorkSpaces you launch. There is no up-front commitment, and you can delete WorkSpaces at any time.

Monthly and Hourly Billing Options

Amazon WorkSpaces provides the flexibility to pay monthly or hourly. With monthly billing, you pay a fixed monthly fee for unlimited usage during the month, which is best for workers who use their Amazon WorkSpace full-time or as their primary desktop. With hourly billing you pay a small fixed monthly fee per WorkSpace to cover infrastructure costs and storage, and a low hourly rate for each hour the WorkSpace is used during the month. Hourly billing works best when Amazon WorkSpaces are used, on average, for less than a full working day or for just a few days a month, making it ideal for part-time workers, job sharing, road warriors, short-term projects, corporate training, and education.

You can mix monthly and hourly billing within your AWS account, and you can also switch between billing options at any time during a billing period to optimize your AWS bill.

Application Options

Amazon WorkSpaces come with a default set of applications at no additional cost. You can choose to add Plus application bundles, which include Microsoft Office Professional and Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security, to your Amazon WorkSpaces for an additional monthly fee. If you select Plus bundles, you’ll have the option to choose between Microsoft Office Professional 2013 and Microsoft Office Professional 2016.

Amazon WorkDocs

Amazon WorkSpaces users also receive access to Amazon WorkDocs with 50 GB of storage for no additional charge. This can be upgraded to 1 TB of storage per WorkSpaces user for a discounted price. For more information, see Amazon WorkDocs Pricing.

Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager (WAM)

You can use Amazon WAM to deploy and manage applications for Amazon WorkSpaces. Amazon WAM is priced on a monthly per user basis, and includes a free and a paid tier. For more information, see the Amazon WAM pricing table.

Free Tier

The Amazon WorkSpaces Free Tier provides two Standard bundle WorkSpaces, running in AutoStop mode, for up to 40 hours of combined use per month, for two calendar months, from the time you create your first WorkSpace. Usage time accrues while you’re actively using your WorkSpace as well as the time it takes to stop after a specified period of inactivity, which by default is set to one hour. If you exceed the Free Tier limits, you will be charged the standard Amazon WorkSpaces hourly rate for the additional resources you use. At the end of two calendar months, the WorkSpaces you launched in the Free Tier will automatically be billed at the applicable hourly rate.

Education Pricing

Education pricing is available for Amazon WorkSpaces for Qualified Educational Users of Microsoft Windows. With this offering, education organizations save $3.52 per user per month or $0.03 per user per hour by leveraging licensing discounts from Microsoft. You can take advantage of this discount if you qualify, based on Microsoft Licensing Terms and Documentation. If you think you may qualify, please complete a case here. Select Regarding:<Account and Billing Support>, Service:<Billing>, Category:<Qualify as Educational institution>, and enter the required info. We will review your information and work with you to reduce your fees and costs.

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AWS Free Tier includes 40 hours combined use a month for 2 Amazon WorkSpaces [Standard Bundle] for 2 calendar months after WorkSpaces use starts.

  • Windows







    Application Bundle


    Additional Monthly Price*

    Default applications bundle Utilities (Internet Explorer 11, Firefox, 7-Zip) No additional charge
    Plus applications bundle Microsoft Office Professional, Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Services, Utilities (Internet Explorer 11, Firefox, WinZip) Additional $15 per month
  • Linux



    Application Bundle


    Additional Monthly Price*

    Default applications bundle LibreOffice, Firefox, Evolution, GIMP, Pidgin and Desktop Utilities No additional charge

* Monthly fees are prorated for first month only; in subsequent months, monthly fees are incurred for the full month.

** Hourly billing consists of an hourly rate charged while your Amazon WorkSpaces are running, and a monthly fee for fixed infrastructure costs. With hourly billing, Amazon WorkSpaces that are not being used automatically stop after a specified period of inactivity, and hourly charges are suspended.

*** Must be eligible for License Portability. For more information about BYOL, visit this page.


  • Amazon WorkSpaces pricing includes the use of AWS Directory Services for Simple AD and AD Connector (where available). The use of AWS Directory Services for Microsoft AD is not included. Details about AWS Directory Services pricing can be found here

For more information, please see the Amazon WorkSpaces FAQs.